This machine is my daily driver and gaming station. I use it for image editing, webdesign, social media management and of course hardcore gaming.

The predecessor of this machine was an old Socket 775 Core 2 Duo (E6750) build. When it started to get old, I bought a laptop because I was deeply involved in traveling due to university reasons. When I started to settle, I added a monitor and a keyboard to the laptop but it wasnt the same and my old build was still standing in the corner. So I updated it with a little more DDR2 RAM, a Core 2 Quad CPU (Q6600) and a GTX280 lend by a friend of mine. Of course, this computer was also kind of getting old by that time so after university I decided to reward myself for the good work and started reading about latest hardware.

Following you find a list with the most important parts and a little description why I decided to use that specific part. I differentiate between:

[NEW] Parts I bought for this build [USED] Parts I bought for this build but from Ebay or anywhere else as a used part [OLD] Parts I already owned from previous builds

Part Reviews


[USED] The CPU was the best bargain I ever found - the CPU was about 350€ at that time (new) and I got it for 160€ on Ebay - that guy clearly had no idea ... I was looking for an i3 or i5 to start with but that totally blew me away and I had to buy the i7. Since then I am very happy with it. Does the job, does it fast and stays rather cool.

CPU Cooler

[USED] The H60 was also bought on Ebay. I have to say I got some problems with the pump. It makes strange noises when running on 100% so I used the driver of my Gigabyte Mainboard to turn it down to 80% of running speed and it works fine with that configuration. Does the job and I used several NEW H55 and H60 coolers in builds I did for my friends. They usually run very good - mine seems to be damaged a little by the previous owner but it does the job for me for 2 years now.


[NEW] The mainboard was bought to fit my desired case so I had to go mATX which I never regretted until now. Since my CPU is Non-K, I had no real need for a Z-series mainboard but it was a good price for a very good equipped board ... plus it is Black/Gold which looks awesome ;)


[NEW] RAM - 8 gigs to start with, which was enough for the last 2 years. I decided to go with GEIL, a brand I used in my older builds, too. Plus it is black and it has a nice red LED light shenanigan.

update today I added another 8GB module when the price dropped below 30 Eur.


[OLD] I bought this for an old laptop which I sold later. I now have it installed in my machine for some files I need quickly and don't want the HDDs to run all the time (eg. Dropbox Sync). Not the fastest but does the job.


[NEW] This is my main system drive - I use a Samsung Evo in my laptop which is a bit faster so just 3 stars here for the SanDisk. On the other hand, this one is pretty cheap so ...


[OLD] I added this old 1tb WD Green because it was burried in my drawer since years. It is a super slow HDD and I had many problems with booting and also some data loss in the past. For now it is just added to the build to test it and use it for storing some unimportant data.


[OLD] A drive I have for several years that always kept all my games - in my new rig it is still in use for casual data (games wandered to a new, 1tb HDD because of space issues). A very fast drive which only runs a little hotter than new WD blue drives.

Video Card

[USED] Bought this card via Ebay, too. It replaced my R9 280x which in fact did a great job but many driver-related issues made me change to Nvidia after years of AMD. EVGA builds beautiful cards - a little louder than my MSI before but it is a good card to use as a daily driver for now.


[NEW] This is the core of my build. I never thought about anything else than ATX. But when I started looking and reading about parts and setups I stumbled upon mATX. The moment I saw the Node 804 I was in love and still am. I have seen many good and small cases but this one is on another level. HDD capacity, airflow, minimalistic design, window, 2-chamber ... all I wanted!


So. In. Love. Never spend money on a special keyboard before. My last one was a Logitech Media Keyboard which cost about 25 Eur like 10 years ago... But I could test the 710+ at GamesCom 2015 and fell in love!


[NEW + USED] I absolutely love this mouse. I use it on four different computers which means I love it that much that I bought it 4 times! (work, home, LAN, laptop)

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  • 49 months ago
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I love how all of your pictures are directed at the Droid

  • 49 months ago
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More pics are coming ... But I love that little guy ;)

  • 49 months ago
  • 2 points

I love the build though, a bit small for my personal use, but it's pretty cool. +1

  • 49 months ago
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Thanks a lot :)