I built this to go into my den, for working from home (mostly word processing), music production (hobby level) and gaming. I wanted to make it as future-proof as possible, spending more now so it will be usable for longer.

I had selected a different motherboard, an MSI - Z270I GAMING PRO CARBON AC Mini ITX LGA1151, and completed the build with that, but it was dead, no power or anything. After verifying the power supply worked, I replaced the mobo with the Gigabyte and it worked great. The MSI came with wifi and bluetooth, so I bought a USB wifi adapter and USB bluetooth adapter. (The wifi is the Edimax AC1750 which I think is awesome and best bang for the buck, the bluetooth was just some cheap thing that works.)

This was my second build, still a noob. Despite that, I challenged myself by selecting a relatively small case. I really liked the sleek simplicity of this Silverstone case, and the fact it was rather small. I wanted two external bays, one for a bluray/dvd player (old school) and one for a card reader - fan control combo. (Note, the card reader - fan control selected was by Silverstone, model FP59, and does not work, so that's a bust.)

Fitting everything in was a challenge. I got a fully modular Silverstone power supply to make it easier, but it was still very tough. I had to back up and uninstall things a few times to change the order of the build. I would not recommend this unless you want a challenge.

I had been concerned about temperature putting a 1080ti inside a smaller case, but it has been fine, at least with what I've been doing. The most taxing program I've run is Overwatch.

Running UserBenchmark, this got the following: Gaming: UFO (132%) Desktop: UFO (105%) Workstation: Air Craft Carrier (88%) Overall, the PC is performing above expectations (74%)

This can take anything I throw at it. The negatives are:

  1. External card reader / fan control by Silverstone not working. This reader included a couple extra USB ports which I really wanted, as only two on the front is not enough IMO when I'm using wireless keyboard and mouse both of which use USB, and USB bluetooth adapter, USB wifi adapter, etc. I'll troubleshoot it at some point, but it might be "safer" to choose a case with more front USB ports.

  2. Front case fan hums. I read about this online, people complained of a whine/hum from the front oversize case fan. I did not realize at first what that noise was, thought it might be coming from outside, might be some kind of animal keening, then realized it was the fan. It can be annoying. It happens pretty much every time I use the PC. I have not started to analyze how to fix this... I am hoping there's a simple fix for a whining fan short of replacing the fan. I tend not to notice the noise if I start to do some gaming. However, if I'd heard this whine before-hand, it might have been a deal-breaker.

  3. The cool lights inside the case are pretty much invisible and wasted without any clear sides to the case. But I don't really care too much about that stuff.

I paired this build with an ultra-wide monitor rather than a 4k, and I'm happy with the choice. This monitor looks great, and has good sound, and has a hidden, pop-up webcam. I also paired the build with one of the best mechanical keyboards you can get (I got the tenkeyless version that can be either wired or wireless, but it was not an option on this site, so I listed the wired version), and I paired it with the best vertical mouse, which I prefer, and use for gaming, too, though it takes a bit of getting used to.

If I did it over, I'd keep the stuff the same, but go with a different case with 3-4 front USB ports (at least two that were USB 3.0). Oh, I have not tried messing with BIOS or overclocking, not really that tech-savvy, in case anyone wanted to know about that.

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  • 26 months ago
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Try adding dampers (rubber or wedges or something) between the fan and drive cage to make the hum go away. Probably flat out vibration. Or Silverstone's on fan cover are a tad notorious for contacting the fan blades ever so slightly.

  • 26 months ago
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Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a tight fit on this build and I would probably have to disassemble it all to access front fan from inside. For now, I’m putting up with the noise.

  • 24 months ago
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I don't even comment on builds.... like, ever. But this build is so great, I just had to say, "Nice job!"

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