This is used for video game purposes, as well as general computer use. I have an AMD alternative as well. So far, everything runs like a dream. Super quiet and I've had no issues with the functionality of the build.

Part Reviews


Simple installation to motherboard. Clamped in with zero problems. Performance better than a standard i7, so definitely worth cutting some dollars off the build cost going with this one.

CPU Cooler

There is an RGB version of the liquid cooler for a bit more, if that suits you better. Also, the adhesive that attaches the connector for the fan cables isng the best quality. I simply put some electrical tape on that to hold it on the back side of the case. It really just needs to be out of the way, and I don't see this as taking away the overall quality of the part.


The metal plate cover for the ports to the back of the case was difficult to get on. But general installation went fine. Bios is easy to navigate to change any settings. Instruction manual is very efficient with indicating where everything needs to be plugged in/attached.


Again, there's an RGB alternative. But the yellow is very subtle when put together and wholly unnoticeable. So no real need to spend extra.


Heavier than expected, but works perfectly fine. Formatted properly for windows installation and was fairly priced. .

Video Card

There is a different version labeled as Windforce instead of Gaming, and they're virtually identical. So whichever has the lower price at the time is the best bet. It has different setting through the gigabyte software to change color and lighting effects which appear on the side of the card. The fans have no lighting.


The case has no spot to put a CD/DVD drive in, so if you want one, it needs to be external. The tempered glass is exceptionally durable, as I did drop the panel during building and there's no damage at all to it. The case also comes with pre-installed pegs for the motherboard. Overall beautiful case that fits amazingly with my black/red color scheme.

Power Supply

A bit of a tricky thing getting it into the psu shroud. Had to remove foam inserts from the case for it to fit, but once bolted in, it doesn't move a bit. Cables were easily managed and hidden behind back panel. Fan is virtually silent.

Operating System

It's windows 10. Only information I'd like to provide is that Microsoft will let you install it without charge and allow you to use the OS indefinitely, so long as you don't mind zero start panel/desktop background customization and a constant watermark on the screen. You can purchase the OS at any time to activate. So you may not need to worry about purchasing this asap if you're on a planned budget.


This also has an RGB version to it that is available at a higher cost. Very durable feel, the wrist rest is very comfortable, and the media keys function with both iTunes and YouTube so far that I've experienced, so they should work just fine for whatever program you happen to use. Space bar is a little touched than I'd like, but still an excellent keyboard.


My wife made me buy her one after she used mine for a bit. Definitely comparable to the gaming requirements of a Razer Naga, but better in my opinion for the button located on the pinky rest. Great for using as a key bind for a shift/alt/ctrl modifier or for push to talk for voice programs.


The headset looks beautiful. The lighting and aesthetic is exactly what I wanted. My only issue with this part is that the wire for the headband comes with rather loose elastic that caused the weight of the headset to rest on the ear cups and not where it's supposed to. I had to open it up and fasten the elastic down better in order for it to not have so much give. If you like the feel and look of a Siberia v2/Siberia Elite, then I'd suggest looking for a different model it your budget allows for it, unless you're okay with taking the headband of the headset apart like I did (or if your head is bigger than mine, maybe). Also. This part was the last one I could find in its price range. All others I found were over $100. At that rate, it may be better to go with a standard v2 if one of these is not available for the $65 I bought it for.

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  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Have you overclocked the CPU any? Only upgrade I would suggest is an SSD even if it is a small on just for the OS.

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

I have a similar build, but using an air cooler on the CPU and also have a SSD for OS and my main games. With the AIO installed, you absolutely should overclock that CPU. I got to 4.8 GHz on all cores with only 1.2v, and a stable 5.0 GHz at 1.285 volts. My air cooler handles it just fine, so you'll be golden with the AIO.

  • 15 months ago
  • 0 points

great job on a build you could have spent only $900 on for the same performance

  • 14 months ago
  • 0 points

Hey. So if you're going to give criticism, make it constructive. :) Otherwise, you achieve nothing.

  • 14 months ago
  • 0 points

i made it constructive