Hi all. I updated my main rig (previous iteration: It's pretty much an entirely new build except for the power supply and video card at this point. Overall, it wasn't the easiest thing to put together (see below), but I'm very happy with how it came out, and I'm hoping not to change anything for a good while now... except maybe add a PSU shroud to the case, and more storage/fans over time. If I finally make those additions I'll update this.

This system is multipurpose, from everyday tasks to gaming/creating and server use. I plan on running Plex and virtual machines on it 24/7 for some game hosting and eventually for virtual networking environments. I also sometimes stream on it. I don't play a ton of AAA games but it's certainly capable. I'm a hobbyist when it comes to creating, whether it's programming, graphic design, game/3d design, etc. I'm basically a jack-of-all trades and this computer should be able to handle any task.

I wasn't totally dissatisfied with my skylake i7 build but AMD offered a good value proposition, offering more cores and single threaded performance on the cheap. I built with a Ryzen 1600 a few weeks ago, but I anticipated that I should be able to upgrade to 3000 when it came out. The plan worked out fine, and I kept the better stock cooler that came with the 1600. I also wanted to simplify my storage situation by ditching my raid ssd's and just going for the cheapest 2tb ssd I could, which ended up being the 660p.

There seem to be common issues in regard to the MSI b450's and Ryzen 3000. I was able to bypass most of those issues by having a cpu to flash my board in advance. Just for the record, the ram I have listed is the exact ram used, so if you're wondering about compatibility, it will work. Just use XMP-A at the advertised speeds in the bios. I don't recommend pushing anything on this board at the moment with this bios. If I had a bad OC I couldn't get it to post until I completely power drained, so trial and error isn't recommended right now.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I'll leave some individual parts reviews here.

Part Reviews


I'm loving it so far. First 6 core and no problems as far as stability or performance with a variety of workloads. No aftermarket cooler needed. This is going to be the cpu for builders/enthusiasts for a while.


So overall this is a really nice motherboard full of great features, plenty of fan headers, rgb, vrm/power delivery, wifi/bt, etc. I was able to successfully get Ryzen 3600 working on it right away. If they continue to improve the bios this would be a perfect motherboard.

The reason for 4 stars - The board will refuse to post if you have a bad OC. I had to power drain a few times to get it posting again. This wouldn't be a problem if it reverted to a working config like it's suppose to (the "Memory Try it!" feature just doesn't work the way it should). There's also going to be better versions of the b450 s coming out soon so I'd wait for those.


Really great looking ram that performs great too. Nice wide range of compatibility (works on intel and amd). But I wouldn't pay a lot more to get it over average looking sticks.


Time will tell if this was a good purchase but it's insanely cheap for 2tb of ssd storage, and I can't really perceive the difference between this and a high end ssd.

Video Card

Great card, just iffy software. I adjusted the clock profiles and got things where I needed them. RGB software is kinda wonky, but at least the card remembers whatever you set without it.

As for the gpu itself, I don't see myself upgrading from the 1070 for a long time.


I got mine for $120 so for that I think this was an excellent case for that price. It's very easy to work in and has good airflow and easy maintenance. I also love the doors. It's not tempered glass but I think that's just fine.

If you’re considering a 760t as of reading this, it's an older design, so you don't get great sound dampening, a psu shroud, or rgb. This is all stuff you can add on though, so if you like modding this may be your case.

Power Supply

This power supply gets a high recommendation from me simply for lasting 3 years now of almost 24/7 use. But I’ll mention I did get it at $70. As of writing this it’s going for $100. Prior to the hike it was one of the cheaper options for HEDTs because it had 2 8pin cpu adapters. There are better PSUs in its price range now, but they usually don’t have that.

Case Fan

In this kit I had one fan with failing RGB and another that rattles at high rpm. Overall having issues on two of the fans isn't a good impression. The RGB controller is nice and magnetic but a lot of new boards now don't need it

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  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

You could have taken something newer for the gpu. Otherwise, love it

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks. I got the gpu last year. I don't AAA game much so it's plenty for what I do right now.

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Considering this board with a 3600 and stock cooler. Any potential clearance issues with the RAM, headsinks on the board and the CPU fan?

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

You shouldn't have any clearance issues with the stock cooler.