This is my first build. It is awesome. I am so happy that I got into pc gaming/building. It was a really rewarding experience to build a pc for the first time. The gtx 960 is perfect for my needs, and hasn’t dropped below 60fps playing destiny 2, though in UEBS it got 2 FPS, proabably from cpu load more than gpu. The Ryzen 5 2600 is a great cpu, stock cooler works really well. The masterbox q300l was super easy to build in, has great cable management space, like an inch behind the motherboard, great thermal performance too. Altogether it was a really rewarding experience to build a pc.

Part Reviews


It works, is a six core, 12 thread processor, and has an awesome price


Great mobo, one thing wrong. A few pins on the usb 3.0 came bent a good mobo other than that


Sweet rgb, performs well, and when had a great price.


Great thermals, airflow, and lots of cable management space

Wireless Network Adapter

Works ok, gets 10 mbps download, but I’m really far from the router

Case Fan

Rgb is bright, fairly quiet unless you rev them up all the way, good airflow.

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  • 2 months ago
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Looks great I did two builds in this case and loved each build. I just hated how dusty the case got

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