Haven't built a computer in 10 years now. So thought I build a new gaming machine. Was a little skeptical that I could do with all the new technologies out.

So I dove in face first and gave it my best shot. This machine is a works in progress, parts are very expensive so it took about 6 months to gather all the cash I needed to complete.

Part Reviews


Selecting the I9 7900 was the correct choice for me, well for gaming the most cores needed are 8 from what I researched. I9 was 10 and performance is great. A real Beast!! It was delidded and binned by Silicon Lottery @ 4.7GHz, Currently running at 4.3 GHz smoothly. Will raise the speed when I get a little more familiar with the new board.

CPU Cooler

Starting with the air cooler Cool Master V8 GTS, however overclocking was limited, so I replaced it with the Kraken X72. The Kracken is a perfect match for me. Its performance is super. Plus the lighting is so cool and blends in with the other devices running RGB. Would like to see it sync a little better with Asus Aura. Still playing with it and tweaking. Cam has some presets included, but for some reason I cant access them. Looking for solution.


Although very pricy, in my opinion one super board, which is just about endless in tweaking. No trouble with this board at all. Booted on the very first attempt.


Wanted a fast memory with the RGB flash. Works great with Asus Aura. 32Gb is more that adequate for gaming, however I plan to add 2 more 8GB stix's in the near future. No complaints here.


Not using a hard drive for anything other than storage. Running the OS on this. Load into online game very very fast. Have plans to add at least 1 more stick and possibly a 970 EVO.

Video Card

This is a great card. got it just before the Ti came out. Darn it. Will upgrade to a water jacket in the future.


This case is huge and plenty of room for just about anything you may want to add. Running wiring is a piece of cake. Had to use 3/4 motherboard standoffs which gave me the clearance needed to route wiring out of sight. Love that open air feel.

Power Supply

Wanted a RGB power supply with a minimum of 1200 watts. Very limited selection. Lighting does not interface with Aura at all. Have to manually change colors. Bummed.

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  • 18 months ago
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Looks good!

  • 18 months ago
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How did you get eyes on the rampage VI

  • 18 months ago
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Live Dash OLED program included with MB.

  • 18 months ago
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  • 17 months ago
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B & H

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