It has always been a dream of mine to build, and have my own PC for a while now. It started off as a small little budget build that was going to be around $400 or so, but I decided if it was going to be my first one I want to do it right and at least build something that I would be happy with.

I chose the Ryzen 5 2600 for a few reasons. It's a good mid tier or so processor that will handle the games and other things I throw at it just fine. Games ranging from Total War to Battlefield games. The other programs I am not so sure of as I have a couple months before I start in my Design and Media production classes. Anywho.

I chose the Msi radeon rx 580 because it fit within the budget I did have and will handle everything will and has so far. Also it fit my color scheme I was trying to go with.

Now the motherboard and ram were handled different as with it being my first build and learning things. Things kept changing at first I had a Gigabyte B450m ds3h board. I didn't like how it looked so after a few boards I settled on the MSI B450 Tomahawk as with it being pretty color neutral it would put more emphasis on the rest of the build and worked for what I needed. The ram kept changing as well until very recently I did not know that the MB plays in hand with what speed your ram can run at and that processor did as well. But in the end I stuck with 16gigs of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000Mhz.

Storage I just needed a SSD for my boot drive, and a 1TB for my games and other things with room to upgrade later.

The fans I splurged on and chose a Corsair LL120 3 pack as I wanted something to put of light in the system to show it off, but also provided good airflow.

Lastly, for the case I chose the Phanteks P300 in black and red. It fit my color scheme, had a power supply shroud, and glass side panel for a good price. Perfect for what I was looking for.

I am happy with the build and it is up and running well. Pictures were taken before I had received my windows key and Ryzen 5 2600 (Had a ryzen 3 1200 from when the build was in progress), but would like to hear from other people on what they think.

Part Reviews


So I bought this board after going through a few different options and learning somethings. First of all this board is nice for the price. It has chassis fan headers which is hard to find on a lot of boards that I've seen. Second, if you are doing a budget build and can not at least afford a 2nd gen Ryzen do NOT get this board. Your memory will not run near full speed at all. So I would recommend looking into the memory compatibility list on MSI's site as I tended to find most of the memory that would run at full speed with a 1st gen Ryzen were not budget friendly. Lastly, the board being color neutral is pretty nice for color schemed builds as it will put your eyes else where on the board. Bonus, the board as some lights on the back right side that you can control with mystic light. Also the board does have little lights to let you know why your PC is not posting. Overall great board.


I haven't had any issues with the ram its self. But do make sure your board/processor can run it at full speed as I ended up having to up my budget to get a 2nd gen Ryzen as every board I tried could not run this ram at full speed with out a 2nd gen in it. Overall it looks nice, not to tall, and other than having to RMA one pair because of a DOA stick I haven't had any issues after upgrading to 2nd gen.


Dis a SSD. Haven't had any problems as of yet. If you are on a budget, but want to have less cables running around nothing wrong with it.

Video Card

Fit my color scheme, good price, and looks amazing. Runs everything I throw at it pretty well.


Okay so I ordered the black and red version for my kinda first build as I had built one for my friend (technically first build ever) and for my self, but I wasn't done with the build over all. Anywho for the price this case is wonderful. Tempered glass side panel, plenty of room, good room for cable management, and I haven't had any issues with airflow with three ll rgb fans from Corsair. My only complaint was the screws that hold in the tempered glass panel had two of the rubber spacers fell out because the "bolts" they go around came out when I unscrewed the thumb screws because the bolts came out with that. Just had to use pliers to get it off and put the rubbers spacers back on and screwed them back in.

Operating System

Dis a os.

Case Fan

Absolutely love these fans. I couldn't find the exact combo pack I found on here, but it was the $130 combo pack that came with the Lighting Node PRO and the RGB Hub. Good airflow, not loud at max speed if you run them at it, and work well. Only complaint is if you are using the as intake the RGB ring is on the intake side of it will not put off much light into the system. Use them as exhaust for the best light.

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