Decent little build that I put together for gaming. Runs everything I throw at it on max settings.

Part Reviews


Runs really quick for games like Forza and Titanfall. Would reccomend.


Decently quick wifi, good fan support, and with RGB Fusion, you can change the color of three zones


For 16 GB, this set runs smooth, only a few memory spikes here and there when gaming max settings. Doesn't affect gameplay.


Other than the limited space, I'd recommend this cheap SSD. It's by far not the quickest SSD out there, but gets the job done and is much quicker than any hard disk. No memory problems thus far.


Not the quickest hard disk I've owned, but still on par with competitors. Downloading and installing is of course slower than an SSD, but for cheap storage I can't complain.

Video Card

Honestly, I don't have anything put positivity for this guy. Runs every game that I've thrown at it with no issues on max settings. Haven't fiddled with the OC potential with it yet, but I honestly haven't needed any overclocking.


The only thing I have to say about this guy is there is no rubber grommets for your cables to rout through, and there is no top Rad/Fan support. It's a good little unit and, for the price, you can't really beat it.

Power Supply

Good unit, not a problem so far.

Operating System

It's windows, you need a review for that?

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  • 10 months ago
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God job on your build man!! Just a question would it be worth paying that extra $50 for an Rx 580 or is a Rx 570 still worth it even though it’s a little more slow compared to a 580?

I plan on playing Overwatch if that some how helps out