As much as I loved craig in it's original configuration, Ive added and changed so much that I think it justified a new build. I've made some important upgrades that should keep him running much longer and better with the newest games.

What's new:

RAM- I should have done this a long time ago. while i was getting by with 1333mhz 4x4gb PNY ram, the stepup to 1600mhz was big plus.

DRIVES- not really anything new since I added the Firecuda. just wanted to review: Ive gone thru an OCZ 120GB SSD and PNY XLR8 240GB SSD before I realized I need more space. So I repurposed the WD Blue 1TB I had as my boot drive. No more worrying about cache files.

VIDEO CARD- THIS IS THE JUSTIFICATION! While my secondhand Zotac 980 served me valiantly, it was clear after comparison benchmarks (especially with GTA V) that it was past its prime. Thanks to the fall of Bitcoin mining as well as the announcement of the RTX cards,Ebay was stuffed full of barely used 1000 series cards. I saw the opportunity and snagged a brand new Gigabyte windforce OC 1070 that is not only more powerful but much quieter and more efficient than the old 980.

ISP- more of an external factor, but I also ditched Suddenlink in favor of local fiber, and now have an ethernet running to my PC from the TP lInk Archer c7 I got for free.


Part Reviews


Still runs great even without much OC'ing

Video Card

So quiet but so powerful


compact but cool looking

Wireless Network Adapter

Works much better than the old rosewill card I had. Only thing I don't like is that the antenna is non-magnetic, so I had to use command strips to secure it down. The signal is significantly better, and it has bluetooth.


Nice combo, wish the mouse light went off in sleep mode

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  • 16 months ago
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Long live X79! I am using it too. 3960X. Only difference is the boost clock set by Intel. Besides beeing power hungry, X79 will serve you some more years.