This is my first computer build and I am very happy with its performance.

I will describe why I have chosen each part.

Update: I got a Samsung 850 Evo 250GB SSD because the Intel one was giving me some problems. Also I got a Wifi Card for better connectivity. Also updated to Windows 10

CPU - I chose the AMD FX-8350 because it was an eight core, 4.0GHz processor and it fit in my budget.

MotherBoard - This motherboard was cheap and had everything I needed for the rest of the parts.

Memory - I chose the G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16 (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1333 because it was the cheapest DDR3 16GB kit.

Storage - I chose a Intel SSD so I could have fast boot times and fast file access. I am going to be getting a 2nd SSD for more storage in the future.

Video Card - I purchased the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 because it had good FPS in the games I wanted to play.

Case - Cheap case, but a good one. I like it and would use it again in a different build.

Power Supply - A good power supply for this build.

Optical Drive - A cheap drive to install windows with. :D

OS - Windows 8.1 OEM

Notes: The motherboard doesn't have a USB 3.0 header so I will be getting a adapter so I can use the case's front USB ports.

Part Reviews


Only bad thing about it is the temperature sensor is 20 C off of true temperature.


Great board easy to build with easy to use. Doesn't have a USB 3.0 Header.


Worked great for a while. (About a year.) Now one stick seems to have a 128MB section giving me errors.


Great SSD having no problems.

Video Card

Works great. Great performance.


Easy to cable manage. Easy to build in.

Power Supply

Works great. Has plenty of cables.

Optical Drive

Works great for installing windows.

Operating System

Great OS.


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My build is very much like yours, (it's what I'm typing this on right now) but I've had it for 2+ years and it has served me well. Good luck and have fun!!

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Great decent looking basic build. I wouldn't be upset with it :)

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