This is technically the 2nd PC I have built. It was a great experience. I have always wanted to build my own PC just to have it and play games on it. I've also been interested in video editing but haven't really gotten into it yet. I basically just use this pc to store all my files and play games on. Sometimes my wife uses it for homework. Overall, very happy with this build. Everything went together like a snap. Only thing I would change is flipping the cooler around 180 degrees in case I wanted to upgrade the memory to all 4 slots since it's currently blocking it. (whoops) I did overclock to 3.875 but couldn't get it to 3.9. Guess I didn't win the lottery/not very good at overclocking. I went ahead and just settled for 3.8 and its stable. I want to eventually upgrade to a 2700X and a 1080ti but this will do for now.

Part Reviews


I love this CPU! Didn't quite win the silicon lottery, but still a solid budget CPU.


This is a really great motherboard. overclocking was a learning curve since I'm a noob but I ended up figuring it out. Updating the BIOS was fairly easy. Plenty of fan headers and the RGB lights are cool too, just not as bright as I thought they would be. And the software is crap but not really the boards fault.


Great RAM that's fast and lights up. What's not to like.


This SSD is lightning fast, at least for me and I couldn't be happier with it.


I use this drive to store files and games on and works as expected.

Video Card

I bought this card on ebay and was skeptical at first but it performs very well and I got a pretty good deal on it.


An amazing case for the price I think it's the perfect size and cable management was a breeze.

Power Supply

Great budget power supply, fully modular helped and the cables are black so they don't stick out.

Case Fan

These fans are so awesome. Expensive, but awesome.


I was skeptical getting this monitor since it was a TN panel but it has exceeded my expectations. I run it at 165 hz overclock and G sync is amazing.


I love this keyboard. It's too expensive, but I love it.


Great budget mouse matches everything else perfectly.


These speakers bump! They really sound amazing and I've had them since college. Used to get the cops called on us at our apartment because they are that loud. But it's not just bass, the mids and highs sound great too.


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This is what I’m planning to build except different mobo GPU and PSU

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I would like to know about how you got into the overclocking. I could not get it to work for the life of me through the bios with my Ryzen 7 2700x. I've been using the Ryzen Master program, which isn't ideal obviously.

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These links helped me out a lot. It’s not so bad once you figure out the offsets using the “+” and “-“ keys for the voltages.,18.html