Bred AKA black and red. I use this rig for max settings gaming such as: Cs:Go,GTA5,Rainbow Six Siege,PUBG,Etc...

CPU overclocked to 4.8Ghz GPU all max settings Overall extremely impressed and pleased.

Part Reviews


Blew my mind absolutely one of the best price per performance CPU's out

CPU Cooler

best single fan cpu cooler ever handsdown


outstanding build quality and materials love the magnetic dust filters and the back io led is a nice and very useful addition


Eh gets what i need done...Kinda


omg awesome this is the S%#T oh and F$&#k Razer,Logitech this is the S%#T


amazing monitoring reference headphones amazing clarity


Holy S#%t the Bass is amazing and very clear highs and mids


  • 25 months ago
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hows that 1070 ti working for you in those games at 144hz? what are the temps of the cpu with the OC while gaming?

  • 25 months ago
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oh sadly i haven't orders the 144 hz monitor yet ill let you know as soon as i know