So i originally built this same system in a NZXT s340 elite case but i found that case to have limitations and it wouldn't really allow me to build a custom water loop like i plan to do in the future. so i ended up selling the whole NZXT system for what i had into it and decided to upgrade a bit.

Part Reviews


Best bang for your buck this thing is a beast got the overclock set to 3.9Hz originally had the 1700 and that's also a great buy but i had some extra cash so i upgraded a bit.

CPU Cooler

What can i say its quiet and keeps my CPU ice cold even over clocked to 3.9Hz and on top of that the integrated fan hub is so convenient.


I trust Gigabyte and they extremely easy to work with customer service is great and the board looks amazing and has all the RGB you could ask for.


Currently the only Ram i know for a fact works with Ryzen out of the box great speeds but there a little pricey and I'm not the biggest fan of the heat spreaders.


Il admit I'm a bit of a corsair fan boy lol but this thing is fast and looks good plus corsair is always a pleasure to work with.

Video Card

Fastest card I've ever owned this things is seriously fast and overclocks like a beast and the RGB looks great also.


Man what can is say about this Behemoth its super easy to work in and has a ton of room for custom water loops. Cable management is a breeze and the dual chambers keep everything frosty.

Power Supply

Best PSU on the market if you ask me AMAZING customer service the cables are sleeved in a nice black sleeves and they aren't as stiff as other PSUs I've used and its more than enough for what i need.

Operating System

It's windows it does window things lol

Case Fan

EXPENSIVE but TOTALLY worth it these fans look Amazing if you're looking for RGB fans and have the cash pick these up. They're quiet they look great and can be used on Rads.


Once you go Ultra wide you don't go back great monitor for gaming and watching movies.


Awesome keyboard looks great and there's so many options for customization.


Would never go back to wired headphones these are awesome have a long battery and don't weigh a ton and feels good on your ear.


RGB and they work great with the new LL series fans.


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dam man u are a die hard corsair fan lol great build im loving the color scheme i like that case too it looks good it dont even look like a computer case it looks like a expensive fridge with rgb that makes it even more dope with the lighting inside

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Thanks man lol and yeah I’m a big fan of Corsair and this case feels as big as a fridge lol

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Nice build dude! I'm probably going with an air 240 myself so this is a bit of an inspiration piece for me :3. Really dig the lighting colors btw. Now if I could just decide between the black or the white case I'd officially be done picking parts lol.

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i like the white but black is always a good choice good luck with your build make sure u post it when ur done

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Thanks dude! Will do!

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I love corsair cases

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nice build i have question u have gpu gtx 1080ti it strong for games and it can play most games 4k 60 fps and 2k more fps then 60 why ? you bought this monitor LG 34UC79G 1080p 144z but the monitor amazing too can u answer my question plezz

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i wanted an ultrawide and at the time this one was the most budget friendly with 144z so i pulled the trigger i plan on going with a 4k or 3840x1440 at some time in the future

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hell yeahhh Law but if god safe us in the future I’m gonna to buying ultrawide 2k 144 or 4k 144 . if now must monitor 2k and 4k expensive in the future i think it will be cheaper thank you bro for ur time

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Im more of a DC fan not necessarily the movie they were gifts so i figured why not better than a empty wall