Thank you all so much for taking a moment to check out my first gaming PC build! This build has been several years (and a few late bills) in the making. I am over 30 years old and have never been big into computers. Several of my close friends throughout the years have been major PC gaming enthusiasts and insisted that I get a gaming PC so that I could join them online for gaming since I’ve always enjoyed console gaming and I’d been introduced to WoW on my uncle’s PC WAAAAAAYYYY back when it first released. Still, though, I was always broke or just wary of trying to build a gaming PC. I bought an ASUS laptop a few years ago and, surprisingly, was able to play PUBG on it at around 30 FPS. That wasn’t going to cut it and I kept getting destroyed in round after round. Now that APEX Legends has dropped, I’m determined to be a competitor and, to do that, I need a rig and a platform that can keep up with me.

I started flirting with the idea of building my own PC back in January of 2018 when a friend of mine came and visited me from across the country. Her knowledge and insight into the PC gaming world was intriguing and a bit intimidating, but definitely grabbed my attention. Then, in January of 2019, my roommates both had their own custom PC’s and I finally got to see the glory of building your own computer in real life. So, in March 2019, it began… Every part of this build was purchased on EBay. I ended up saving over $1000 on parts by only bidding on items that were listed well below the lowest market prices and that were either new or refurbished. There’s something about the thrill of a bidding war that speaks to my soul.

The etching on the side panel took me hours to finish, but I feel like it was worth the effort. Let me know what you all think.

THEME: “What is dead may never die”

There are a few reasons for this build title and the theme itself. 1.) I LOVE Game of Thrones! I knew that I wanted a GoT theme from day 1, but at that point, Season 8 had not yet aired on TV. I had no idea what was in store for the series finale.

2.) Did I mention that I LOVE GoT? I wanted to mark the ending of the series and the season 8 finale, but I also wanted to make it known that I don’t think this will be the end of Westeros…not by far.

3.) After beginning the buying and building process for this build, I thought about how the vast majority of my parts were second-hand and that I had given them new life and purpose, so this build is dedicated not only to all of my fellow “thronies,” but to all the scrappers out there as well. Well, that’s my breakdown. Feel free to leave any criticisms, praise, and/or questions in the comments below and I’ll get back to you when I can peel myself from the gaming heaven that I live in these days.

Valar Morghulis!

Part Reviews


I know, I know, “Why did you get an older CPU when there are so many better options on the market now?” Well, because my motherboard is only made to accommodate 6th and 7th generation Intel CPUs and the i5-6600k was a decent price point for me. Surprisingly, it works exceptionally well for my purposes.

CPU Cooler

I knew that I wanted a liquid cooler and I spoke with my roommate about this. He has this cooler in his rig and he absolutely loves it. I checked the compatibility (THANK YOU PCPP!!), hunted on EBay and got this little beast for a steal. Definitely does the job!


This MOBO (see what I did there??) has it all! It automatically tailors OC profiles to your build, made to stand up to the heaviest GPUs, Aura Sync, and on-board 3D-printing mounts for when I get gutsy enough to start trying to make my own PC parts for future builds. AND, it fits my theme (More on that later). This joker is also 2-way SLI capable, has 6 SATA ports, 2 M.2 slots, and supports up to 64 GB of RAM. My only complaint is that the bottom PCIe slot is too close to the front panel plug-in at the bottom of the board and I wasn't able to fit my 2nd GPU into the bottom slot and utilize the SLI bridge that I purchased for the build.


If you can't dodge it, RAM it. Will get a better feel for these guys when I get the rest of my hardware up to par with them. Currently, only able to run at 2133 MHz with current build.


I had no idea that a computer could start up so FAST! I think what Samsung meant to call this was the “Evolution,” but decided that they would shorten the name to whatever letter they managed to get out between pressing the “Power on” button on the computer and it actually booting into the OS. Best value for price paid of all of my parts!


The reviews on this brick were great and I couldn’t beat the price. Personally, I feel like 3 TB is an insane amount of storage space, but I’m hoping this build lasts a long time and I needed a safe place to store my collection of GoT episodes, so, this was perfect.

Video Card

By the old gods and the new! I’ve actually named these GPUs “Drogon and Rhaegal” because they’re insatiable! They’ve destroyed every game I’ve throne (insert GoT pun…) at it in ultra settings! I know that most of you are wondering why I slapped not just one 1070, but two in a system that could only bottleneck the poor things to death… but I’ll be upgrading by November to bring the rest of the rig up to speed (namely the CPU). I was too anxious to actually build this PC and I was experimenting with the parts that I had available to me. What I ended up paying for both was roughly what ONE of them typically runs for on the market... That's why I didn't go with a 1080ti.


I knew that I wanted a NZXT case before I’d even begun to build. This decision was a completely biased one because both of my roommates have NZXT cases and I love the minimalistic style of them. I love the clean, unbroken lines and the spacious interiors. I went with white because everything I own is as black as my soul and because I wanted this thing to stand out. Also, because my original idea for this build was Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming.” When I bought this case on EBay, the seller listed it as it’s more hi-tech brother, the NZXT H500i which comes with built-in RGB lighting and control, so I was quite shocked when it arrived as its basic b**** twin sister. I contacted the seller and EBay immediately and requested a refund. I ended up with this beauty free and, honestly, could not be happier with her. I have named her Dany because she will conquer the world of gaming and break the wheel of monotony in my mediocre life. Dany comes with a tempered glass side panel, 7 full-height expansion slots, 3 internal 2.5” bays, 3 internal 3.5” bays, and the cable management channels are superb!

Power Supply

I chose this PSU purely for the wattage and the fact that it was fully modular. It is also, apparently, super flipping quiet. Definitely does it's job. I just wish the fully sleeved cables were a little more flexible.

Case Fan

I bought these fans because they had white LED lighting that would work well with my build idea and because they push a good bit of air. I wanted my PC to last, so keeping it cool was a top priority. I’m sure there are better options out there, but I am still learning, so please bear with me. All-in-all, these fans are quiet and definitely get the job done.


The picture on these monitors is insane. I just wish that I'd known about the FreeSync stuff before I bought them. Still fantastic even if I don't get the full 144Hz out of them.


Whoo... pretty.. also, clicky AF. :)


I decided on this mouse for its diversification potential. I mentioned in my intro that I was introduced to WoW many years ago and I have been dying to get back into it since my mid-teens. I also love FPS games like PUBG, Apex Legends, H1Z1, etc, and I wanted a mouse that was quick enough to keep me competitive while making less intense gaming like WoW or Diablo III RoS easier to maneuver and this seemed like the most logical choice. At 16000 DPI, one need not worry that they’ll fall behind.


Comfortable. Well-built. Wireless. The sound from these bad boys is pretty d*** accurate and the microphone is top-notch. No background noise complaints from my teammates. I’m 100% deaf in my right ear, so having accurate headphones is a must if I want to play well in any sort of competitive multi-player game. Highly recommended!


Found the full set with 2 different sets of cable combs on Amazon for just over $35.00. Phenominal quality and exceedingly easy to work with/train. I will be buying from them again.

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  • 7 months ago
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Wow love the custom work on the case! Would receive praise from the drowned god.

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Valar Morgulis! Appreciate the compliment.