This was my very first computer build! It is clearly a red and black build, I actually don't like the color red, but after I completed it, I fell in love with it. The NZXT fans are incredibly quiet and don't take away from the case. The CPU cooler was a tad difficult to put on, but was otherwise fine! I know 8GBs is starting to become a small number, so my next build will hopefully have 16GBs! I also have a Cayde-6 figure inside (very avid Destiny player). The one downside is that the motherboard I ordered does NOT have RBG headers/ JLED1, so if you're looking to put RGB lights in connected to the motherboard, you're out of luck. Otherwise, it's a great build. Nicknamed GoodyIntel because my good friend SamGoody (Twitch Streamer, follow him at SamGoody309) helped me pick my build list! Thanks to him, he has a incredible PC build as well. Enjoy!

Part Reviews


It does it's job, easy boot, perfect entry level, fun to overclock, gotten to 4.2 GHz.

CPU Cooler

Not as big as it seemed, but does block one of the ram slots. Long, but I like the metallic look.


Good entry level. Disappointed by the lack of RGB backlight, and disappointed by the fact there are no RGB headers, otherwise, great!


Not very attractive, but kind of hidden by CPU cooler, so its fine! Performs well.


Fast boot times, black fits with the computer build.

Video Card

Great entry level card, nice frames, don't really need more. No issues.


I love this case. It's aesthetically pleasing, looks good, and feels wonderful. Too big for my desk in college, but not the cases fault.

Power Supply

Seems overkill, but needed room in case of upgrades!

Operating System

Great software. Not much else to say. I'm Management Information System's student; coding is nice on it.

Case Fan

Dull, but get the job done!


Great feeling keyboard, iCUE software doesn't always work with keyboard sometimes, but otherwise fine.


Love the DPI settings on it, light and responds well.

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  • 18 months ago
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"I actually don't like the color red, but after I completed it, I fell in love with it"

Don't worry lol, that's like everyone who has ever built a custom PC. Everyone has a black/red build early in their career ;) me included.

  • 18 months ago
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Correction, stream name is SamGoodyX!**