Greetings Fellow PC Building Enthusiasts!

It's been a bit since I've uploaded a budget build but I've actually been hard at work so I'll be backlogging a few PC's over the next few days!

This first one is a build I did back in the beginning of August with some salvage parts I got off eBay and some other experimental budget parts like the CPU cooler and case. I was able to score the CPU, MOBO and RAM in a combo deal on eBay for about $100 plus shipping so I just divvied up the amounts semi-evenly between those three components on the parts list. The HDD was purchased new online going with the $30-$40 per component theme and I was able to score a new micro-atx case from VIVO for about $40 as well. My local Best Buy had a sale on the EVGA PSU for $29 so I scooped that up and the CPU cooler was a gamble (since I had never used upHere components before) but it worked out great for the locked Sandy Bridge i5!

Top it off with a competent 2GB GTX 660 from EVGA and you've got yourself a great entry level PC for Fortnite, League and even Overwatch! I originally had a GTX 660ti in there (that's what you see in most of the pictures) but it was acting up (lots of artifacting) so I swapped it out with the GTX 660 and I've had no issues since then lol

All in all I kept it under $290 so I was able to slap a cheap $10 strip of programmable LED's to jazz it up, I really dig the way it turned out! The kid who has it now plays of lot of Battle Royale/Survival games on it and he's been pretty happy with the performance.

I was surprised by how well the Sandy Bridge i5's still hold up and the GTX 660 was not too bad either, great budget build.

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks for reading! -Brandon


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+1 for old style builds. Love these.

Very nice choice of parts. I used the GTX 670 superclocked from EVGA for a while and that was pretty amazing even for 2017/18 being able to play a few new games at low settngs.

PSU is the only thing i dont like with this build but since you got it for so cheap i guess it should be ok for a little while before wanting to replace it with something at least 80+ bronze rated.

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Oh absolutely, the PSU should do fine for the low power draw of a locked i5 and a GTX 660 but if he wants to upgrade GPU's or CPU's in the future I'll definitely recommend a PSU swap as well lol

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What were the LED lights you were using called?

  • 14 months ago
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Can this build play fornite with at least 50 fps?

  • 13 months ago
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Absolutely! You might have to have the settings at High or Medium instead of Ultra but it performed very well in Fortnite! The quad core i5-2400 is a very competent CPU for gaming even in 2018 and the GTX 660 is great value for 1080p gaming!

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Definitely, the cable management is one of the few downsides of this case lol