After having my PC for a little more than a year and a half, I wasn't really happy with the aesthetics of my PC. My original build was in a Fractal Design Define S (which I think is a great case, don't get me wrong). I really like the look of white PCs and thought I could do better than what I had.

I wanted to find a case that was: 1) white on the interior. 2) had tempered glass. 3) had a PSU shroud. I considered just modding my Define S with spray paint and to just order a PSU shroud online, but figured that'd take more time and effort that I'd be willing to put into it as well as cost about as much as just buying another case anyway.

After some searching, the only few options I could find were the white Corsair 570X, the Anidees AI crystal and the NZXT S340 Elite. I ended up going with the Anidees AI Crystal as it is similar to the Define S. I also heard good things about the Rosewill Cullinan, which is the same chassis as the AI Crystal.

I'm pretty happy with the new case and its aesthetics. However, there's 2 things I can complain about it. The airflow in this case isn't as good as the Define S. The other complaint being not having enough cutouts in the PSU shroud to route front panel cables such as USB 3.0 and Audio.

Because of the front panel on this case having an oddly placed wall that blacks about half the width of the intake slots on the front. I'm not sure why it's there in the first place, and I don't think it's for structural purposes. Anyway, this coupled with a more restrictive dust filter as compared to the Define S' front dust filter, the temperatures on my components were hotter than I'd have liked. With he airflow restrictiveness of the front panel and the dust filter, the Fractal Design GP-14 fans that I transferred over from the Define S was pulling in very little fresh air. While playing PUBG, my GPU temperatures were reaching 77°C and 78°C on the CPU at times. Whereas in the Define S my GPU rarely saw temperatures higher than 67°C and 65°C on the CPU. To fix this, I decided to splurge on some new fans. I was torn between getting the Corsair ML fans or the Noctua IPPC fans. I ended up going with Noctua fans and grabbing a box of white Chromax anti-vibration pads to replace the brown ones (I still need to grab another box to replace the remaining pads). With all the new fans installed, temperatures on my components went back down to about the levels I had in the Define S (68°C on the GPU and 69°C on the CPU with both the front panel and dust filter on).

Other than that, I also got some white cable extensions to just tie it all together. I'm much happier now with my build. With the all the Noctua fans running at about 6-7 volts off the motherboard, the system is a tad louder than my Define S build, but I use headphones for gaming anyway.

In the future I might grab a RGBW LED strip kit from cablemod or an NZXT Hue, but I'm happy with it all for now. Even though I find RGB to be a bit gimmicky, at least with those options I'd be able to turn the LEDs off if I'm watching a movie or feel like turning the lights off.

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  • 30 months ago
  • 2 points

Dude, nice build, looks hella sterile! (clean af)

  • 28 months ago
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Looking to get an led strip for my pc which one would you recommend?

  • 28 months ago
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Cablemod makes some nice ones. They make them in different colors as well as RGB. The NZXT Hue controller can comes with strips as well and is addressable RGB, meaning you can have it do fancy effects like marquee and waving and such. If anything, I always look for magnetic LED strips. A lot of low cost strips use adhesive to stick to your case, so it's a headache if you want to swap them out or move them since they leave sticky residue.