First of all I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with how this build turned out; I could not be happier! I call it my companion cube. My goal when building it was to get the BEST POSSIBLE FORM FACTOR (least amount of clutter, most sleek non bulky components), all the while buying the BEST PRICE FOR PERFORMANCE parts on the market. Without an initial budget, and simply researching and comparing all of the quality products on the market p/p it came in at around $1,000 which is probably the perfect price point for most people looking to build their first gaming/workstation computer.

It can play ANY game on the market, at the highest setting, at 1080p, at 60fps. It can handle multiple CPU and ram intensive programs running at once with ease.

Externally it is sleek, it's a cube (I just LOVE that it's a cube, can't help it), and it's just such a superior size and style (in my opinion of course) to the mainstream midATX and fullATX gigantic bulky taking up too much space looking things.

Internally, due to the components I picked out, it's just so damn clean! We have the M.2 form factor SSD that just tucks away nicely on your motherboard. The 1TB HDD for any extra storage you need is 2.5",so it fits perfectly into the SSD trays and you can do away with those cluttery hard drive bays. The EVGA GTX 1060 SC is a nice small single fan GPU that absolutely KILLS IT when it comes to performance with an insane base clock of 1.61GHz for $220. Hand down the best price for performance GPU on the market, and it's not even close. And if you think you need the 6GB version read my review of the 1060 3GB (too long to stick it in here, it's long enough as is lol). The Cooler Master MasterLiquid CPU Liquid Cooler is SO SLEEK, SO LOW PROFILE, and is just damn perfect for $50. It looks so nice and clean, it makes no noise, and does it's job perfectly. There's barely any wires, and the wires there are can be managed and tucked away nicely with some zip-ties. Oh and of course, the Ryzen 5, the ABSOLUTE BEST price for performance CPU on the market by a longshot. You probably already know how insanely good and value it is, so I'll save the rant.

Anyways the white and black color scheme has a really aesthetically pleasing contrast and doesn't distract you like those annoying red LED's do (I hate red LED's, fight me red LED lovers :P).

If you're like me and don't necessarily want THE BEST the market has to offer, and simply want to get the MOST FOR YOUR MONEY, all the while keeping the build, clean, sleek and small, this is the PERFECT build. There's nothing else you need if that is the case. Oh yeah and it's ~$1,000!

p.s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part Reviews


Best price for performance CPU on the market and it's not even close. It destroys it's intel counterparts in multi-core performance and only slightly pales in single-core performance. Multi-core is the future people, and AMD is right there with it.

CPU Cooler

Extremely sleek. Extremely low profile. Looks great. Essentially silent. Does it's job, and damn well in fact. There's nothing spectacular about it, but it just does everything right and looks sexy all the while. $50 gem.


There aren't many good priced AM4 Micro ATX motherboards on the market currently, but even if there were this is one is pure quality.


It's Ram, it's black, it's a damn quality product, it's at a good price point. What else do you want?


Same great 850 Evo Series SSD performance, but with the sleek M.2 form factor. Perfect.


This the same quality Western Digital hard-drive that has 4.7ish stars with almost 2,000 reviews except with the better form factor of 2.5" so it can slide right into your SSD trays and you can do away that cluttery hard-drive bay. I believe @ $60 it is ~$10 too expensive, which is why I give it 4 stars. Other than that, quality product for that extra storage space we all end up needing for those dumb pictures, movies, and files you haven't looked at for years, but aren't getting rid of just in case :)

Video Card

THE BEST PRICE FOR PERFORMANCE GPU ON THE MARKET EASILY. Insane base clock of 1.61GHz, quality heat sink, great form factor, actually pretty silent most of the time, and really not that bad when under stress (trust me I hate noise, so when I say it's not that bad, it really isn't). Plays any game on the market at 1080p, at 60fps, at the highest settings (except that one mirror's edge ultra settings game, but who cares really). A lot of folks out there will tell you to get the 6GB version of this card because in the future games will need more than 3GB of v-ram. While that's a good point, that future isn't coming very soon and here's why. Game developers and companies that produce games do it to make MONEY. By making their games require more than 3GB of v-ram they are bottle-necking their sales A TONNNN. They want people to buy their games, and the percentage of people with hardware that will support that is significantly less than 25% I would say. It's just not going to happen for the next 5-8 years in my opinion. And by that time, just upgrade your GPU. That's around a $50-$60 price difference... for what?


Best microATX Chassis under $150 easily. Oh yeah and it's a cube (I love cubes). Extremely sleek, super convenient (and really quality actually) magnetic dust filters on the side panels, fully modular (you can orient it in any direction), actually pretty damn good at noise dampening. Oh yeah and it's ~$50!

Power Supply

Absolute quality. Virtually silent. Hits that perfect sweet spot of 650W. And what a price ladies and gentleman, $90. Just perfect. For those of you that insist on fully modular (for whatever reason, you're going to use the cables attached regardless so..), the Rm650X, is the same as this one just fully modular and ~$20 more. Just a quality power supply that you know is going to do it's job, and damn well.

Operating System

Microsoft did a great job with Windows 10.

Case Fan

Makes for a fantastic exhaust fan on my V21, just a bit more expensive than I would like. It's quiet, low profile, and sleek. Come's in a variety of really compatible colors. The LED's aren't blinding. There's really nothing to complain about this, just feel it's ~$5 over where it should be probably because they call it "Quiet Edition", and it is quiet, but nonetheless... great quality product. Corsair did a great job with their AF Quiet Edition series.

Case Fan

Used this to supplement my build for more positive air pressure in my chassis and it's just a perfect little thing. It's low profile, it's sleek, and has a variety of really compatible color schemes. The LED's aren't blinding which is perfect. There's really nothing to complain about this, just feel it's ~$5 over where it should be, probably because they call it "Quiet Edition", and it is quiet, but nonetheless... great quality product. Corsair did a great job with their AF Quiet Edition series.


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how has the ram been treating you? it is high quality ram, but ryzen LIVES off of high speed ram. plz tell how good it is. realy nice build for the price btw.

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I actually have the DDR4-2400 version of the same Ram. Not that 2133 and 2400 should have much of a difference in performance. They go for the same price, pcpartpicker just doesn't have them listed so I just plugged in the 2133 version instead. It's 16gb of 2400MHz DDR4 ram, and it's quality ram as well. The performance is top notch. Everything is super speedy even when running games and having ~10 tabs open in the background with a youtube video playing and spotify open. It handles multi tasking superbly. I would definitely recommend pairing the Ryzen 5 with the 2400 version of the Fury Black. I can't vouch for the 2133 version but I'm sure there's hardly any difference, but for the same price, why not you know?

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Well the difference with ram speed and how the CPU performs is there but it isn't going to be night and day difference. On my 1800x CPU OC to 4.0ghz testing different ram speeds its a 20 point difference in cinebench from 2133 to 2666. A 1730 score to a 1754 score. In games it can help improve minimal frame rates but the change is not huge.

Faster ram DOES help but its not going to be a night and day difference and with ram prices these days especially with faster ram I can understand if OP dropped to 2400 to fit within a specific budget.

Still the r5 1600 has got to be the best bang for the buck on multicore performance. My 1800x is not the best price to performance but I love being able to hit 4.0 GHz on 1.381v.

Edit: BarPrager, could we get some more glamor shots of the PC itself?

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You know, I actually saw this great deal come up on MicroCenter for 3200MHz 16GB (2x8gb) G.Skill Ripjaws V Ram, and I can still return my current ram for a full refund. I might just go for that. Not sure why it's any cheaper than the HyperX Fury's @ 2400MHz... Do you know? And yeah sure, I'll upload more photos.

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just do it!

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How did you get the cup cooler to fit on the motherboard? I'm having a bit of trouble.

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nice try. That's a microwave

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I think you are watching too much TechDeals..... lol Great build!!

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what are your temps with the 120 aio? was looking to get the same one for my rig

  • 23 months ago
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The temps that you get are around those with a Cooler Master Hyper 212. They aren't the best, but TBH nobody really purchases an AIO cooler with temps in mind, mostly just for small PCs.

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Do you get good temps with the cooler? I plan on getting it with the same CPU.

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Did you have any trouble mounting the cooler?