Third edition, the BEASTPC. Gaming monster, but I play a lot of casual games, so sometimes I like to underclock, which is why I went for a 1080TI so that im not running hot all the time. No backplate, 3 fans, perfect for what I was going for, which is an ugly *** build that gets the job done. 8600K under the hood, cuz I don't give a **** about CAD, with a NH-U9B for keeping it chilly. Hardcore gaming sessions never push past 50c on either CPU or GPU, and I can run underclock for E-sport games at 40c constantly and still average 165. SSD for the high load time games, HDD for my steam library. Case is black and comes with fans for cheap, power supply was on sale open box and came with everything, thank you microcenter, and the whole thing stays cool when Im idle and warm when Im gaming. Lovin' it.

keep in mind that i dont give a damn about the wires, they dont effect cooling. if you think ur some big man whos gonna school me on where to put my cords i don't care, it gets the job done and it looks nice in the dark.

Part Reviews


Runs a bit toasty, around 55c avg. with a 22% turbo. Still a fast *** processor, great value. Good idea for gamers, streamers, multitaskers, and the likes.

CPU Cooler

gets the job done, quietly if need be. otherwise, jet engine.


bios is super simple, building with this was a cake walk. only gripe is that it has like 2 fan connectors and i like airflow, so i needed some splitters. but it works out.


ram that works. fast, can be oc'd but im not gonna. good for multitasking and hardcore gaming, and also more up gradable then 4x4 ram.


good idea if you have a few games you play a ton and just want those to be the fastest. small for the price tho.


works without fail. big *** drive, small *** price.

Power Supply

i overkill but who gives a damn it looks nice.

Case Fan


Case Fan

shiny and fast, and I can't hear it over my gigabyte card.


this thing brings tears to my eyes. gsync 1440 165 refresh rate for 300$? sign me up.


load *** keyboard, feels nice, looks nice. spend the extra 10$ if you can and get the rgb one tho.


i feel like this was made for my hand. great weight, precise, good dpi customization, nice lighting, and an over all beaut. buy this bad boy if you dont wanna break the bank.


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Cable Management

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when im playing video games the most important thing is the box to the right of me

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Ewww lmao

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