Works great for nearly anything you throw at it, but there are a few things i’d change:

  • Swap out 1060 for 590

  • Get a different HDD

  • Get a bigger SSD

-Get faster ram

Other than that, it works great!

Part Reviews


Works absolutely fantastic. I would definitely recommend this as a middle step from 2600 to 2700(x)

CPU Cooler

I mean, it’s a $10 fan. What did ya expect? It’s amazing at keeping my 2600x nice and cool, and works way better than the stock wraith cooler. Would definitely recommend for anyone in need of a cheap fan.


Ehh. It’s ok.



-Works good for overclocking

-The space near the IO shield is very easy to work around, making it easy to work in and around the CPU


-The lower pci-e x16 slot is useless for anything thicker than a centimetre. Any thicker, and it blocks the USB pins and 3.0 header.

-The same can be said about the only pci-e x2 slot with the top pci-e x16. A thicc or even normal size GPU blocks it entirely. This is a 1 GPU mobo.

-Pretty sure I’m getting sound interference in the built in sound card


Wouldn’t recommend for ryzen, as you need at least 3k ram for that, but this isn’t corsair’s fault, so I won’t dock stars. It’s ram, and it works.


A bit small, but you pay for what ya get. Also, its pretty fast.


Definitely the worst part in my build. It’s unbelievably loud. It rattles so loudly that I can hear it over my fans at 100% speed from far away. I can hear it through my closed headset with music on. Don’t get this.

Video Card

A bit expensive, and out of its time. It’s a great card, I’ll say that, but it’s no longer in its hay day. Get a 1660 instead.


Compact and good looking, this black square is a good place to put other electric black squares in.

Would get an extra fan tho.

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  • 9 months ago
  • 3 points

Bro...that power supply.

  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

ya I know I'm workin on gettin a new one

  • 9 months ago
  • 2 points

Man, that's one thing I would have gotten a good one of first.