This is the first PC I've ever built. I'm really happy with it and it was really fun to build. The only thing I would change is the graphics card because I will have to upgrade it eventually because games are becoming more demanding. But for now it's great! I love this PC, I can run Doom on max settings at a stable 120 FPS or more. Sorry about the bad cable management :P

also, more pics coming soon! :)

Part Reviews


The best CPU for the money. If you have or are looking at getting a RX 480 or a GTX 1060 this processor wont bottleneck it. This is the best processer for a gamer looking for a solid CPU


I had some audio issues but other than that it has been great. Has a yellowy/white stripe of LEDs on the left side of the board. If this will bother you, don't get this motherboard. For me, it wasn't an issue.


Great, fast RAM. Nice speed and is black.


pretty fast, gets the job done. I got this for my OS and its loading up really fast.


reliable, and fairly inexpensive.

Video Card

This is an amazing graphics card. Its price is really good considering the performance you are getting. The cooling is really good and definitely the most reliable RX 480. Also, the card is fairly quiet. Plus its usually on sale for the same price as an RX 470 4gb and this is a much better choice


Nice case that has a nice side window and nice red color. Easy to build in, except had trouble getting SSD in. Would still recommend.

Power Supply

Pretty straight forward, it just gives me power. So far quite reliable and haven't had any issues.


This monitor is AMAZING! Its not that expensive and it's 23.6", 144hz and has AMD FreeSync (which works great with my RX 480). The settings are easy to use and the stand is great. Would definitely recommend.

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  • 38 months ago
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This is a damn solid build and idk why it doesn't have more +1's.

Since you are talking about cable management look into cable zip ties on amazon. Link Other than that you got my +1 all day

  • 38 months ago
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  • 38 months ago
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No problem man, may your addiction to the wonderful world of pcs grow.

  • 37 months ago
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You can turn off that ugly yellow LED on your MoBo, with the MSI Mystic Light app, nice build.