Baguette croissant !

I've upgraded my configuration, and here is the complete configuration:
- Motherboard Asus Z10PA-D8
- 2x Intel E5-2667 V3 ES (8x2.9ghz + HT for each CPU)
- 8x8 go DDR4 ECC REG Samsung
- GPU Gigabyte GTX1060 6go
- SSD Samsung 960 EVO 250 (system)
- SSD Samsung 850 PRO 512 (caching)
- 2x Seagate Ironwolf 10to (raid 1, storage)
- Case Fractal R5
- PSU Seasonic X-850
- 6x fans Be Quiet! Silentwings 3 140mm PWM
- 2x CPU cooler Noctua NH-U12i DX

- Main monitor Eizo CG2420
- Second monitor Eizo CS230
- Sound card RME Babyface
- Monitors Equator D5

The computer is a beast, incredibly silent despite both hard-drive.
It works like a charm for photography, video editing and some games.

(I will soonly upgrade the graphic card for a Quadro P2000, P4000 or a Duo Pro 2017)


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WOW! If I only had the money, killer workstation, nice job.

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Might want to use something that isn't Seagate.

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Je vois qu'il y a des francais ici (ou des quebecois :) )

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Précisément un petit suisse !

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1280 by 720

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You look a little dumb. DXO Optics Pro use all the core, especially while generating and rendering. Premiere Pro is also the kind of application who's algorithms are multithreading.

Eizo CG2420 : 1920X1200 Eizo CS230 : 1920X1080

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You do realize i was joking. I know photo/video editing can stress your cpu. Btw you got a good price on those xeons.

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