Didn't know what to name so I went with everybody's favorite butler.

My current system that I use primarily for work stuff and the eSports titles I play when I have nothing better to do. Being a Batman fanatic I decided to go with a black and white color scheme on the PC but It turned out to be useless due to the LED strip that came with the P400S (Luv u phanteks)

I might eventually put the tempered glass side panel on when I upgrade my GPU or add more fans because when I do the GPU can hit upto 89C after a few hours of gaming but without it it never goes above 78 so until I improve my cooling solution I won't be using it.

Overwatch: 250-300 FPS competitive settings

Overtwatch: 140-180 FPS Ultra

Arkham Asylum: 140-150 FPS Max

Arkham City: 100-120 FPS Max

Dissapointment to the series: 90-100 FPS Max Biggest

Dissapointment of them all: 60-80 FPS Max

Injustice 2: locked at 60 for some reason

Overall I'm pleased with this build, certainly runs better than my old system and I figured it was time to pull the pin after my Xbox died. I think I did pretty good for the price and I couldn't ask for more for under 700.

Stuff thats in the pictures but that I'm too lazy to add in the parts list:

MSI Optix MAG24C 144hz monitor

Logitech G502

Logitech G810

Glorious PC Gaming Race wrist rest

Corsair Mousepad

Beats Studio Wireless headphones

Some random Ikea desk

The Dark Knight batpod

Edit: Sorry for trash pics, these were taken on my 6s lol

Part Reviews


Great for multitasking, OC's well on the stock cooler. Couldn't ask for more at this price range ( <3 Microcenter)


Decent motherboard, had no problems overclocking and the BIOS is nice. Has dual M.2, 4 Dimms and its Crossfire compatible all for $50 (Newegg rebate).

The tacky logo is also covered by the GPU so that's nice

The RGB header is in the worst place imaginable however


RAM is RAM I guess, although I probably should have gone with a higher speed cause of Ryzen. Looks nice but people with big air coolers should stay away (VRMS are super tall)


Can't even access the BIOS cause it boots straight to windows by the time I can press F2, feelsbadman

"11/10 so fast" - Renee Descartes


Junky HDD that I fished out from my previous system. Its been working for 4 years now so I can't complain really

Video Card

My biggest regret of this build by far... Unless you got a great deal like I did ($220 and AC Odyssey) then you should stay away from this card. After it throttled itself to the ground I had no choice but to take off the side panel of my case b/c it was hitting 89 degrees. Runs all of my games 1080p60 at max and it came with 3 games but still... in hindsight I would have shoveled out another 20 bucks and gotten myself a Sapphire or Gigabyte card


Sleek. Elegant. Aesthetically stimulating. I didn't say its name, but this case came up in your mind, didn't it?

Power Supply

Despite the fact that its not modular, it comes with full black cables and is silent.

Cable management would have been easier if it didn't ship with approximately 6.5 billion SATA cables. Would buy again If you are low on cash.

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  • 20 months ago
  • 3 points

You need to put an extra 1-2 intake fans and manually set the fan speed of the GPU.

ASRock Phantom Gaming X has slightly smaller fans - 85mm, than the standard 90-100mm, so it gets slightly hotter at lower RPMs and noisier at higher RPMs.

Nice build.

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah I will definitely get to adding 2 more fans in the front. The card surprisingly isn't too loud but 89C is just too close for comfort

  • 20 months ago
  • 3 points

Superb Value.


  • 20 months ago
  • 2 points

Yep, I definitely lucked out on the prices this time around (Even though it meant that half of the PC would end up gathering dust in my closet until I could get a good deal on the other parts lol)

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Dude, that's my username on Reddit! XD

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

I love the name. And I agree with your opinion on the ASRock graphics card. Sapphire makes better AMD GPUs

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah if I hadn't went with 16 gigs of RAM I could have bought an actual hard drive and a Strix or Nitro+ GPU

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Outstanding price. Thumbs up.

  • 20 months ago
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  • 20 months ago
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+1 Wow! with that budget you got a great build!

As for the gpu... You can still add two 120mm on front or better get two 140mm for front panel and move the 120 from the front to the top panel. Play around with another fan curve for the gpu.

Worst case scenario is getting another cooler from arctic for the 580 which should cost around (40-60).

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! :p

Yep I'll definitely be adding a couple more intake fans so that I can put the side panel on without having my GPU choke to death

another problem is the front panel of the case cause it is pretty bad for airflow. I might mod it in the future with some mesh or something but overall this is a pretty steamy build lol

I considered the arctic fan coolers on amazon and they looked pretty nice but they would end up blocking my second PCIe slot which I intend to fill soon so that wouldn't work ;(

  • 20 months ago
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I think two 140mm on front and a more aggressive fan curve should help a lot.

Another option but more expensive would be NZXT Kraken G12 + corsair H55.