(The tower by itself cost about $874.41 USD. Set prices do not include tax or shipping.)

So I've advanced from basic non-gaming capable HP laptops to a 15'' Lenovo Y510p i7-4700MQ w/ dual GT 755m(SLI) in 2014. Started planning my current desktop build late 2015 and completed it in June 2016. Finally decided to publish it here. First build log so I don't actually know what information is generally expected.

At the time I wanted to make a proper mid-ranged gaming system for myself because laptops, although convenient, were not enough for my needs. I also finally got myself an RGB light strip so the inside of my case isn't shrouded in perpetual darkness, and is now much more lively.


Continued to make additions to my overall setup. No new images yet, but I have updated the parts list and other general information to reflect my current setup.

MSI GTX 960 4G overclocked by MSI Afterburner. Monitored with GPU-Z.
Tested using Heaven/Valley Benchmark with Extreme preset @ 1600x900.

Factory Default
Voltage: 0.843v Idle / 1.212v Max - (+0mV)
Limits: 100% Power / 80°C Temp - (Priority: Power)
Core: 1216 Base / 1279 Boost / 1342 Max - (+0MHz)
Memory: 1753(x1) / 3506(x2) / 7012(x4) - (+0MHz)
Temperature: 38°C Idle / 64°C Max @ Auto Fan Speed

Voltage: 0.850v Idle / 1.256v Max - (+44mV)
Limits: 108% Power / 95°C Temp - (Priority: Temp)
Core: 1381 Base / 1444 Boost / 1531 Max - (+165MHz)
Memory: 2052(x1) / 4104(x2) / 8208(x4) - (+600MHz)
Temperature: 35°C Idle / 60°C Max @ Custom Fan Curve

Part Reviews


At the time this was the latest introduction in the lineup and It may not have been the unlocked variant, however this does everything that I need it to as far as I'm concerned.

CPU Cooler

I wasn't keen on using the Intel Stock Cooler so this was added into the build and seemed decent enough. Compared to the original, I like the more solid aesthetic of this one more. I prefer the appearance of a large tower heatsink that fills in the space over the motherboard, especially if you have a case that allows a view of the interior. This doesn't need to work hard to keep my CPU cool so it's very quiet.

Thermal Compound

As far as I can tell, it's held up well after two years. my CPU is in no danger of overheating, aside from it not being overclockable to begin with.


I'm fond of red/black color themes and this fit in nicely. No RGB header or functional RGB on the board itself but it does have subtle red lighting accents here and there. One fan header I've been using seems to disconnect every few seconds but doesn't prevent the fan plugged into it from working so.. Meh. If I ever decide to use it, the board has an M.2 slot as well.


It's RAM and it works. Compared to the prices of today I'm glad I built a computer when I did and although I didn't need it at the time, I wish that I went for 16GB back then so that I had more to work with today.


First time experiencing the advantages of an SSD even though it's just mainly used as an OS drive. Provides a snappy system experience that I am satisfied with.


Still have not filled up half of this storage amount yet after 2 years. All purpose storage drive that does it's job.

Video Card

Since I don't chase the latest and greatest AAA games that require a strong GPU just to hit 60FPS on high detail settings, this particular card has served me well for the games that I do play, like ESO and Dota 2 for example. It feels and looks solid, has a backplate and Red/Black themes are just very appealing to me. The card itself seems to overclock fairly well.


More space inside than I needed but it sits neatly on my desk. For my first time putting a system together, this case was straightforward and easy to build in. I'm quite satisfied with it, but I wish I had gotten the Silent version simply for the few extra features. The plastic window scratches really easily if you aren't careful. Added one Phanteks RGB light strip to illuminate the inside.

Power Supply

Black cables and modular. I often keep my PC running while I'm asleep, not that I have a reason that it needs to be on 24/7, but this keeps things going. Two years later it hasn't blown up or malfunctioned in some other way and that's satisfactory to me.

Operating System

The base price is iffy, but I put a $50 Best Buy Gift Card to use here reduce the price. Much better than Win 8.1 that my Laptop used. Takes some manual adjustments to get it to a satisfactory state. Some of the menu options are not visually consistent but otherwise, it works and hasn't really caused much trouble in my use case for gaming.


I got a bad model. 144hz doesn't actually work and it frame skips above 60hz, so I overpaid for a 1080p60 monitor.

USB Pass-through sure is convenient. I really appreciate the height adjustability, and though I don't use them, the built-in speakers are a bit quiet yet usable. There is one dead pixel on my screen that's light gray and I often forget about it since it's off to the mid-left near the bezel.


Not actually silent, but rather they are muffled which is nice because I personally wouldn't like to listen to the clackety-clack-clack from noisier keys anyway. With the RGB functionality I had fun making a few theme patterns for myself.

Overall I've enjoyed using the keyboard these two years, however the space bar now detaches easily from the clips that hold it down. If you push down on the far right like I do, the left will pop up sometimes for example, and if this happens while you are typing further presses of the space bar don't register until you level it. The finish on a few of the keycaps is wearing out on the top or corners around WASD.


It works for me and I grew to appreciate the two extra thumb buttons on the side, but the associated software felt kind of stiff. After 2 years some of the coating material has worn away in some places so now it doesn't look as clean. Basic RGB functions are better than nothing if that's what you like. At semi-rare times, the mouse freaks out and spasms in the middle of the screen for a few seconds.


Comfortable, but clamps a tad tight on my head and causes the ears to sweat after a while. The 7.1 surround sound gimmick seems to work decently enough. Microphone is clear to those I'm communicating with as I've been told.


Obtained as an Xmas gift from a family member. These speakers are simple, yet effective enough to get the job done. Keeping the dial about half way is usually as far as I ever really need to go.

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  • 19 months ago
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Is that Ho-oh?

  • 19 months ago
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Yes, it is. A tiny lizard and a pencil topper Dialga are perched on top of the case as well.

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  • 19 months ago
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Red, purple, and black. Interesting

  • 19 months ago
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The color theme I've had for my character for a while, now better incorporated into my setup.

  • 15 months ago
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Hawt asf Purp theme 10/10

  • 15 months ago
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It is quite alluring, isn't it. I've recently made minor additions to my setup and gave it the End-of-the-Year-Cleaning.

After some snooping it seems I've left a commented of my own on your build first. Came to return the favor did you? You have an amusing icon by the way.