This is my gaming station. The old laptop gave out on me (overheating issues) so it was time for an upgrade.


Not listed in reviews:

Nixeus Revel Mouse - $30 - Was originally going to just go with a $10 office mouse but, being as obsessive as I am, ended up spending hours researching the best budget mouse. $30 on amazon and it rocks a Pixart PMW3360 which is a flawless sensor according to I stick to 2000 DPI but the Nixeus website offers a program to manage the DPI/acceleration/color settings. Amazon:

Roccat Taito Control Mousepad - $6 - So obviously I'm not going to get a $30 mouse and use it on the surface of my desk. Amazon:

I'll include this just because there seems to be so little information out there.

Ethernet Cable: Media Bridge Cat6 100 ft. - $13 - What to look for: Category 6 (CAT6), Twisted pairs/wires, gold plated contacts

Surge Protector: APC 8-outlet 2 USB 2630 Joules - $18 - What to look for: High joules is important, but an indicator light saying whether or not the surge protector is still functioning is even more so. Most surge protectors will continue allowing power through after the unit has expired, meaning everything plugged into it is prone to surges. This surge protector has a light indicating its operating, but it also prevents any power from going through once it expires, a great indication that your hardware is no longer protected.

*CPU and GPU temps under load are from playing Warframe on max settings.

Part Reviews


200 - I have little to compare this CPU to but it hasn't let me down yet. The online games I've played thus far get around 70-100 FPS. Single player Warframe I get a steady 144 FPS.


$70 - Same story here with little to compare it to but it sure was easy figuring everything out. It came with a pretty large instruction booklet which came in handy.


Plugged right in and ran at the advertized 2400 MHz without having to mess with anything.


$70 - I have my OS (Win 10) on this and it makes a noticeable difference. As of right now, I'm avoiding putting too much on here since it is only 250 GB, but lighter programs are all thrown on here.


$55 - 2 TB for $55, can't complain. I do notice a faint tick coming from my PC which I have to assume is this guy, oh well. All my games and video recordings go on here.

Video Card

$400 - Boy is it fun playing on maxed settings. I'm currently downloading Witcher 3 though so we will put this and the CPU to the test. Fans weren't turning on at all so I installed MSI afterburner and customized the fan settings.


$60 - From my understanding, this is Phanteks entry level case and with that being said, I'm more than satisfied. I read complaints about flimsy side panels and difficult thumb screws and, while those have some basis, they're exaggerated reports and it's definitely not a deal breaker. Wire management was a breeze and I had no idea what I was doing.

Power Supply

$60 - Had no clue what full modular, semi modular etc. meant until I was installing this guy. Easy enough to figure out but was definitely a surprise

Operating System

$90 - Got it on a USB, super convenient.


144 Hz - 1920x1080p - $180 - Took a bit of a gamble on this one for a sale price of just under $180. Glad I did. Factory color settings are pretty crap. I used the Windows default driver and went to Color Management>Advanced>Calibrate Display. Windows has an easy to follow guide and I think I got my display looking quite nice. Also enabled 144 Hz in Adapter Properties>Monitor and tested it on


$20 - Nice responsive keys (although not mechanical) and a bright backlight. That's pretty much all I wanted.


$40 - Great mic and speaker quality at this price point. Surround sound is amazing for gaming.

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  • 31 months ago
  • 2 points

Have you encountered any issue or problem regarding in compatibility of your cpu, mobo and RAM ? Planning to copy your build if there's no any problem

  • 31 months ago
  • 1 point

None whatsoever. The RAM I bought is marketed as AMD ready and is under the supported RAM models for this specific MOBO on the Asrock product page. I plugged it in and it ran at 2400 on the first boot. Haven't had to mess with anything.

Unfortunately, it looks like the price jumped up again. I purchased it for $150. Here it is for $170:

  • 31 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for sharing mate, rly appreciated .

  • 31 months ago
  • 1 point

You bet. the only thing I might swap out if I did it again would be the seagate 2 TB HDD. It clicks which is kind of annoying so if you can afford it, shell out another $30 or so for a quality make.

  • 29 months ago
  • 1 point

May I ask why you went with a 250gb SSD if you're also using a 2 TB hard drive? My build plan is currently very similar to yours but I'm going with a 64gb SSD. Also, you and I picked the same case. Liking it so far?

  • 29 months ago
  • 2 points

250 GB just in case I want to put a game or larger program on it. I honestly think it's overkill from my experience so I wouldn't see a problem going with the smaller SSD.

Case is awesome. Cable management was easy and my temps are pretty decent given my minimal cooling. I didn't do any lighting so I don't mind the smaller window either.