My first actual built gaming PC First I started out as a console peasant can I had an Xbox and an apple laptop, later a found out about Garry's mod and my laptop could run it and I had a blast. Then I had my first steam summer sale and I was sold (pun intended) on PC gaming. I didn't know too much about it and I got myself a gaming laptop and two years later I found out how much better a desktop would be and how overpriced laptops were and now here I am.

I5-6600k probably the fastest CPU that is not overkill. It is amazing

Cryorig H7 I was thinking of going with a Hyper Evo but I wanted something to go with my white and black setup so I searched and found this. About 5 dollars more but better looking and same/more performance than Hyper Evo. But the sound is AMAZING I literally can't hear it on full blast with the side panel off!

Asus Z170-A I went safe with the motherboard getting probably the most popular one and it is good looking, goes with the theme, not too expensive and reliable

Kingston FURY It's ram. It looks good. Not too fast or slow

PNY CS1311 Totally optional could have went with a cheaper hard drive but I wanted the blazing fast load times

GTX 1070 Asus ROG STRIX This card is amazing. Crushes any games stays under 64c under load while overclocked (With custom fan curve). It has pretty RGB effects and the thic triple fan design makes me feel like I have a personal tank

Phanteks eclipse P400S Got it cuz it was pretty good looking but super cheap for its quality coming with sound damping foam and leds on the bottom and a side panel window

EVGA 600B My only regret. It's loud as hell, hopefully it's an abnormal problem so I can get a replacement which I'll try later (I'm too lazy to). Also I thought I wouldn't mind the ugly nonmodular cables but if you build a PC just get a modular braided cable PSU that is quiet.

Later I got

EVGA G2 750W Replaced with the old PSU and it was much quiet.

Seagate 3TB BarraCuda My TB SSD filled up quickly so I got more space.

Overclocking CPU 4.30Ghz @ 1.35v w/ custom fan curve 30c idle and silent Total War Rome II benchmark (cpu intensive game) w/ no OC 80 fps w/ OC 87 fps

GPU +150MHz w/ custom fan curve 32c idle and silent

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Absolutely silent, super cool and cool looking, and a very nice alternative to the 212 Evo


It's a motherboard, it works, its sturdy,good bios (The only one I had), but I wish it had more fan headers (it has 4) other than that perfect


black slick and cheap ( ?° ?? ?°)


It's pretty cheap for how good it is with a power supply shroud, velcro straps for cable management, and LEDs that u can change

Power Supply

Mine might be defective but it is super loud, I highly recommend just going with a better one with modularity and braided cables, and one that makes less noise

Operating System

es windows

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