EDIT: Ever since I built this PC I've just fell in love with it more and more each time I use it. But then again feel like I'm a traitor for wanting to build yet another one even more powerful than this one.

I have not changed anything hardware related on the insides of my PC but I have upgraded in terms of peripherals. I switched from a Logitech G105 that suffered a couple of coffee spills over it (My fault) and typing on it eventually became very annoying, so I bought a mechanical Hyper X FPS Alloy which is just great and fits the red theme of the build, as opposed to the blue lit G105. I also bought a set of headphones, the HyperX Cloud Core which have been just a lifesaver in terms of game sense, specially for Rainbow Six: Siege. Lastly but most importantly, I left behind that tiny 18ish inches monitor/TV that I was using before becoming blind, with a 24" AOC monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate, its not the most color accurate monitor and it's out of the package settings are very bad, but for my needs it is just perfect once I calibrated it.

PS: Still got no money for food!

COMING NEXT: Building a PC is a neverending process, there is always something you want to add or change down the road. Sadly, in my case I was not able to put in another 8gb stick because I am not willing to pay more than triple what I paid for that single stick, lets hope prices get better soon.

The mouse I am using, even though it has worked perfectly and have NOTHING to complain about it, has a blue light instead of red, like the build. See my problem? It doesn't really bother my on a day to day basis when I'm using it, but when I stop to admire the setup I've built it just bugs me that one piece just does not fit in it.

Just some future planning, my brother is soon to start college and is probably going to study some design and editing related career, so I'm thinking maybe later this year or next I can give him this PC and built my next baby, for which I want to go all out and not worry about budgeting myself. But that'll have to wait a little bit longer.

ORIGINAL: Prices are shown as of 8/august/2016 MXN to USD currency conversion, so do not take the prices you see for this build so serious.

My name is Miguel and I'm from Mexico, I've played on consoles my whole life until 3 years ago I was gifted a "gaming laptop", it was a nice ASUS QLF550 notebook with a Geforce 745m integrated graphics, nothing powerful but I could play light games on it, even mod Skyrim a little so it was nice. After 2 years of careless use, I somehow damaged the LED cable connected to the display, so my screen would flicker and be completely dark with the back light still on and the notebook still running properly, this wouldn't be an issue if connected to an external monitor but that defeats the purpose of owning a laptop, so I decided on building my own PC.

Now, I've been in college for almost 3 years now, studying industrial engineering and you know how rent, food and beer takes a lot of money away from you, so saving up was sort of difficult for me. I started off late February by buying the GTX 970 while it was on sale and since then I went out to buy each component separately until I had them all. Pro tip: don't do that! Save up until you can buy all pieces at once, or most of them at least.

Lets get to the build shall we? Simple, modest, very mainstream budget like gaming build. I chose everything based on countless hours of researching this site, benchmarks, video reviews, etc. I'm very happy with how it turned our even though it could've turned out better.

Some of you might be thinking "Hey, but Pascal is out there already. Why didn't you go with a GTX 1060 or a 1070?". Well, if you read all that stuff I wrote about me on the first paragraphs you'd see I bought my GPU in February, way before I even knew Pascal was coming out.

The building process was harder than videos make it seem, but simpler than I thought it would be. I had only two issues while building this PC, cable management and inserting the RAM into the wrong slot which had me worried sick when the machine would turn on but not boot at all.

Personal reviews: CPU: Enough for 1080p gaming and school assignments. Motherboard: Looks nice, it has an orange LED pattern on the right side when it turns on, I would like it if I could change that to red to fit the case fans but that isn't really an issue for me. RAM: What do you expect? its RAM, it works. SSD: I have never owned an SSD before and I got to say HOLY COW this is fast! Having my PC boot and load up in a matter of seconds is amazing. HDD: Massive storage for games and stuff. GPU: I could've spent a bit more for the G1 and have it come with a nice backplate but this card is a beast nonetheless, absolutely love it. CASE: This is the only thing I regret buying, there is no space for a nice cable management and does not look as good as I expected it to be. It holds everything in place, decent airflow, but I would recommend buying a Phanteks Enthoo Pro or an S340. PSU: Powers everything up, cables are nicely sleeved. SATA cables were a bit short to have my ssd and hdd connected with just one of them, so I had to plug another one in.

Overall, I love my new PC and I hope it lasts me for a good time.

Part Reviews


I'm in no need of overclocking right now, and even though I can easily downgrade my motherboard's BIOS to OC this CPU, it has worked wonders and has not bottle necked at all my GPU.


z170 without hurting the wallet, lots of features I'm probably not going to use. It just works without a single problem.


Cheapest 2400 memory I could get, I plan on upgrading to 16gb with another stick.


No performance nor speed problems, it works as it should. For what it costs it is a very solid product.

Video Card

Beast of a card even with Pascal out. I bought this one before the 1000 series were announced, you'd be better off buying a 1060 since they are at the same price point and with very similar performance.


Holds everything together, not the best yet not the worst... I wish it had more space for cable management.

Power Supply

A bit too much for my build but it works flawlessly, no noise whatsoever. The only downside I could find is that it is a BIG piece of equipment, I cannot utilize my case's space designated for a fan right next to the PSU because it gets in the way.

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  • 45 months ago
  • 3 points

+1 for name

  • 45 months ago
  • 2 points

great name, and nice build!


  • 45 months ago
  • 2 points

Really like it overall, but I do not understand why you went for a fully modular 600W Power Supply. Semi would have done more than fine and saved you quite a few bucks. Also you should have the name engraved in your case.

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

A friend of mine owns the same GPU with a similar configuration and he has not had a single problem with it, plus fully modular had me thinking I was going to do miracles with cable management, but I proved myself wrong... I blame the case. After I bought the PSU I noticed I could've gotten away with even a 500W but since it had already arrived, and it is not a bad product overall I decided to keep it. Thanks for the feedback!

  • 45 months ago
  • 2 points

Alright, that actually makes a lot of sense. I didn't want to comment on the 600W, because I kind of overdid it with my own PC as well...

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah it happens, also I also would like to upgrade later down the road, maybe get a K processor to make use of the z170 OC capabilities, who knows.

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Go with 6600k.

  • 44 months ago
  • 2 points

Regarding your 1tb hdd amount i found this info on a site: Manufacturers like to express the size of their hard drives in base-10 numbers, then call this mega/giga/tera. This is factually incorrect, but the drives look bigger.

Example: They make a 1000 GB drive and call it 1 TB Formally, since mega/giga/tera should be base-2 numbers, 1024 GB is 1 TB, so it's not a real 1 TB drive.

So: make a disk of 1000 000 000 000 bytes, call it 1 TB, and strictly speaking you have 1000 000 000 000 / 1024 / 1024 /1024 = 931 GB

  • 44 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks a lot for the info, I had no idea.

Guess now I must change the score I gave it, since all I based my review in was comparing the product to a friend's Seagate 1TB HDD that came with 980 GB worth of storage (I only know this because I installed it for him).

I am aware of products being manufactured with small deviations on their specifications, specially in the technology area but I was not familiar with the way they expressed their product specs, in this case storage amount.

The Toshiba HDD listed on my build, the one I've been using since I posted this has worked flawlessly and pairing that with what you are saying I just can't complain at all.

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

hola, también soy de México. Disculpa donde compraste las piezas? hasta ahora solo he comprado por amazon la gpu pero estaba buscando sitios mas baratos.

  • 43 months ago
  • 2 points

La fuente de poder la compre por Amazon, todas las otras piezas las compre en una tienda de Guadalajara llamada Digitalife(punto com punto mx). Si vives en Guadalajara te recomiendo ir a la tienda y comprarlas desde ahí, si vives en otro lado de la república también te pueden enviar las piezas pero su servicio al cliente de ventas en linea es horroroso. Trate de comprar una RAM desde internet porque no tenían inventario en tiendas y nunca me dieron respuesta hasta 3 semanas después que yo tuve que hablarles para que me dijeran que no me podían respetar el precio al que las compre y demas... Tristemente ellos fueron los proveedores mas baratos que pude encontrar en México, en segundo lugar estaría PCX (punto com punto mx).