When I first decided I wanted to build a computer, I had no idea where to go, but thanks to the forums, I soon had a road map and customized it from there. I bought the parts on Black Friday so it was cheaper. I would say the Thermaltake case helped me out a ton, it was super easy to install and eventually run.

I ran into a few beginner mistakes. First, I had trouble installing the cooler, because of RAM clearance, but in the end rotated it and that was fine. I also forgot I was wearing the anti static wrist strap and yanked my entire case on the floor. Fortunately, only the HDD and PSU were in the case. The HHD fell out and I almost knew for sure it was broken, but it somehow wasn't so that was nice.

In the end it is really nice coming from a mac and I will be looking forward to modding this thing.

UPDATE: Overclocked RAM to DDR4-2400 without a problem, and am getting 8-9 sec boot times without SSD. Now that I have an SSD, I am getting 6 sec boot times, however had to reinstall windows because a mistake.

Part Reviews


Amazing CPU. The included stock cooler is a little noisy but allowed an overclock to 3.7 GHz. I would highly recommend to anyone, for first time builds or experienced builders this amazing CPU. Handles everything thrown at it so far.


Great MoBo, 2 RAM slots limits my future upgrades but other than that great. BIOS had a few bugs, but it is a cheaper motherboard, so I guess you get (a little more with this one) what you pay for.


Not much to say, it's RAM, it's cheap, it looks nice, and it works.


6 sec boot for windows 10. Enough said.


Fast, large, cheap, and I dropped it on the ground and it still worked. I would recommend this a lot. I hope to get a SSD in the future, but is fine for now.

Video Card

Pretty good GPU. haven't got to test it too extensively but has worked perfect so far. Fan is silent.


The "literal" part of my game cube. Amazing case. Everything is perfect, lot's of airflow, detailed instructions, lots of room and customization options, this is a great case. PSU installation and only one (large) fan were my only complaints.

Power Supply

Pretty good PSU, for the price. Wish it had just a little bit more room for expansions.

Wireless Network Adapter

Only gets me 1-2 MBPS through 3 walls and 35 feet where my mac gets 30-45. Will be buying a different one, from ASUS.

Case Fan

Does it's job as an out-take fan and looks nice. And is very cheap.


Big screen for small wallets. Pretty good resolution also.


Cheap nice fast wireless keyboard. Not much to say.


Didn't fry any of my parts. if the alligator clip came off a little easier I wouldn't have yanked my case, PSU, and HDD on the floor, but that was my fault.


It is definitely better than wi-fi. Replaced my crappy Rosewill card, and can now install programs without having to carry my PC downstairs to ethernet.


  • 23 months ago
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Good choices for a first build. I'm also a fan of red/black themed components, so that's a +1 :)

  • 23 months ago
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Thanks! In the future I will go with a more compact case and a better GPU.

  • 23 months ago
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Being seen by a GameCube Fanboy...

You made me laugh. congratulations. Nice build but it's not complete without dolphin emulator now XD

  • 22 months ago
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I have actually never owned a gamecube. I’m actually more of an Asus fanboy but their parts are more expensive and I wanted the most performance possible, so I went MSI.

  • 22 months ago
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g frikin g, i still cant afford anything over 200 bucks, so the possibility of me building something like this is highly unlikely for the next few years..

  • 22 months ago
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Lol, This is actually pretty cheap. I really want to do a custom loop for my next build.