Less than a year after upgrading to the FX-8320E, I now am upgrading to Ryzen!

For nearly the past year I had the FX running at 4.5GHz, but since it got so hot in my room all the time, I turned down the overclock to 4.2GHz and it's helped, but sadly not as much as I would have hoped. FX did perform well enough for me (and it still would now), but I really like having my room not be a sauna 24/7. Recently I got some money from doing some work, for my birthday, and also from mining. I mined Monero from the end of August up until last month, when I exchanged my XMR for USD (curse you XMR price for doubling after I sold!).

I really hate the RAM market right now. I waited until today (Black Friday) to buy some RAM because it's such a ripoff right now. For roughly 2 weeks I tried to get a Craigslist seller to respond to me for some G.skill Ripjaws 4 memory, but they took forever to respond and I just gave up on them. Unfortunately I didn't get my memory until the Thursday of the following week, so I was stuck using 4GB that I borrowed from another build I did a while ago. It was a good thing though; I ended up making a video comparing single and dual channel memory performance on Ryzen with those two kits.

Speaking of the 1600, I got it from Micro Center for $170. Waited in line for an hour, but that's fine. I've been deliberating whether or not I wanted to use my H55 (because I've had an AM4 bracket for it for a while) or just use the Wraith Spire while I wait to get a new cooler. In the end I decided on the H55.

I really did get the motherboard for free! Thanks tomtomj2! He wanted to go to Micro ATX, so he gave me the motherboard for free since it was just sitting around doing nothing for months, while he transitioned from Ryzen, to a 7700K, and then back to Ryzen.

I've had everything else for the past long time, as they've all been a part of FIREHAZARD for a while. If you're wondering why I've decided to rename this to der Zug (German for train), that's because I never realized how much of a train this case looks like; and now that I have nothing that runs extremely hot, there's no reason to call it a fire hazard anymore. :P

Upgrade Process

This was somewhat a pain in the neck (quite literally) because of getting the old motherboard out of the case. When I installed the 970 board a year ago, I put in a standoff that came with the N200, and I guess it had a different threading than the screws that came with the case. I didn't bother removing it sooner because everything was completely fine.

Removing the AIO from the 8320E was another thing that worried me, since PGA-socketed CPUs like to come out with their coolers after a while. Thannkfully that didn't happen, but I did end up doing something else to the block that exposed some copper on the inside when I switched the AIO bracket to the AM4 version that I got for free. No water got out and the cooler isn't making any strange noises; I guess it's fine. I might upgrade this soon though.

Everything else went smoothly; I got worried (as usual) with taking the CPU out of the plastic shell it comes in, but nothing bad happened. I cleared the CMOS just in case Tom left some old BIOS settings behind on accident. I updated to the latest BIOS with AGESA and almost everything has been great.

Post-upgrade and my thoughts so far

I'm really enjoying the upgrade and the much faster performance of this PC. I do have a few issues with it though:

  • When I go to enable XMP on my memory, this motherboard increases the fan speed (and noise...) dramatically, so I'm just running it at 2133 for now. It works, but it's just not preferable to add all that noise.
  • Because of the way the computer is angled, I still hear more noise than I'd like to. It's way better compared to the FX system, but I've made much quieter computers before. Soon to change; I'll be making a new corner desk for it as soon as I can get down to IKEA...
  • Clockspeeds on Ryzen just aren't fast enough. I don't care too much though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I do plan to make some more upgrades to this PC (I haven't truly finished this build :P), and those are:

  • Scythe Mugen 5 or Thermalright Macho RevB
  • Fractal Design Define R6 (pretty sure I'll buy this in 2 months actually, I really like it)
  • New larger SSD
  • More RAM

Quick note on the temps: They were taken from Ryzen Master. Load temperature was based off an AIDA64 stress test.

I'm not making a video for this one. It's getting old to make one, but if you'd like to see my latest video featuring this build, you can check it out here.

Part Reviews


Both Ryzen 5 1600s I have worked with perform like champs. I haven't tried overclocking this one yet, but the other one was somewhat stable at 3.6GHz; I was very short on time and it was using a different board, so maybe when I try to overclock this it'll be better. Even at stock this is perfect.

CPU Cooler

I would like to say that I'm never going to use another AIO with a 3-pin connector for the pump ever again. For some reason this is what I've wanted to replace throughout the years and yet it's not what I've ever changed.

This AIO performs well, but the noise is atrocious. I really like my PCs to be quieter than this.


Got it for free thanks to tomtomj2 because he has been swapping components all year long and has never posted a single one of those changes. (If you're reading this Tom I'm expecting a full length novel on your next build. /s)


Got this so I can use my PC without being extremely limited on RAM. DDR4 is such a ripoff now; I didn't want to shell out $160 for 16GB. Hopefully prices drop next year so I can get back to 16GB RAM. On my Ryzen 5 1600 and MSI X370 SLI PLUS, this DIMM can run perfectly fine at 2933MHz (not 3000 because Ryzen RAM dividers).


120GB is... enough. I just can't really use it for games because otherwise it fills up super quick. Going to get a larger SSD eventually, but for now this will do.


Loud in comparison to my Seagate Barracuda 3TB. It performs ok. Nothing special, but it gets the job done.


It's really nice; it's a lot quieter than the WD Blue 1TB I have in my PC right now. It's fast and is so far reliable for me.

Video Card

It's just ok now. There hasn't really been any great improvements lately in GPUs, and I haven't seen much of a need to upgrade this so this will likely be the last thing I'll upgrade.


This case is annoying. It has great airflow, but I just want some more quietness in my room. It's a decent case to work in; it has plenty of tiedown points, decently sized cable management holes (and plenty of them), and it has a removable PSU shroud. None of the screws are properly labeled, however.

Power Supply

It's been a great PSU. I've been using it for over a year. The cables are great; being semi-modular is totally fine with me since the only soldered cable is the 24-pin that you'll definitely need anyway. It comes with 2 EPS cables so you could run 2 CPUs or a nicer X99/X299/X399 motherboard with this PSU. It might not be the best value, but it works well.

Case Fan

These are great for what they are. They blow TONS of air through the radiator at full speed (2200RPM, which is also ridiculously loud) and they look nice. For $14, not bad. I'd definitely go for better, but better is equivalent to twice the price.


They look nice, but the colors aren't the most accurate. White is very blue, and red looks somewhat orange. Overall for $20 they aren't too bad though.


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First we were FX buddies, now we’re Ryzen buddies! :3

+1 for the build, looks awesome. That mobo looks sweet too, great you got it working, you can thank Newegg also since I wasn’t paying $50 to return it lol

Also I just noticed how short your GPU is, never realized that

  • 25 months ago
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Oof, $50 to return it. Thanks again.

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I’d rather give $150 to a friend than let some greedy Corp skim me out of $50 just so they could sell a perfectly working board as open box basically for the same price I bought it for.

No problem! Hopefully you can get the RAM to stop turning up your fans :P

  • 25 months ago
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Yeah, maybe I can override that somehow with custom fan curves.

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Yessss, you finally did it. Welcome to modern hardware, hope it treats you well.

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Oh it has already! It's amazing.

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Woot, pending moderation club! Great build bro.

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Congrats on your 11th build man. This one really is a beaut, but I noticed you didn't include the behemoth of a description that you usually do... interesting.


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I got lazy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hey just wondering why such an expensive cooler ? Ryzen 5 1600 comes w its own cooler and err1 saying its plenty enough ^

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I've had the H55 for two years. I'd like to upgrade the cooler again because I like silent computers. I know the Spire is plenty though; I've used it before and it was pretty good.