Ok, here we go. Back in October of 2017, we had an assignment in class to design a hypothetical PC under $800, and it was a lot of fun, and that got me thinking. I began to do research on it, and it eventually culminated on my birthday as the Black Light. My mission was to build a solid gaming PC under $2000, and I can confidently say that I achieved it. The build is heavily influenced by Amnesiak's mini power house and joey660's Le Portale, with a few different parts to suit my budget, since I didn't have peripherals and a monitor on hand. When making this list, PCPartPicker did say that there were incompatibilities, however, they weren't an issue when I put the PC together. Now, I upgraded from a crappy laptop that had corruption problems and integrated Intel graphics, and this is my 1st, but this thing is a BEAST. It runs Kerbal Space Program at 60fps with some serious graphics mods, Minecraft at 120fps with shaders, and it just looks amazing while doing it. Cable management is absolute garbage. It's my 1st, spare me. Keep in mind I may be upgrading this PC with a few better components, such as a 1070 or 1080, an overclockable motherboard, maybe a better CPU down the road, but this is just the beginning. Feedback? Down below!

Part Reviews


Excellent for its price, and quite speedy too.

CPU Cooler

The lighting is a nice touch, and the cooling is flawless. Keeps my CPU under 80 even at 100% usage for 5 minutes.


Was kinda bummed that it wasn't overclockable (or it is, not completely sure), but other than that, solid motherboard for the price.


Not completely sure what I was expecting, but it works like a charm, and hasn't let me down (yet).


At first, I thought it impossible to find a 1TB SSD under 300, but I am pleasantly surprised. This thing is really good!

Video Card

Had to use this instead of a 1070 or 1080 because of the crypto craze, but it is a solid GPU. Works like a champ.


The very basis of my build, the aesthetics are beautiful, the design is relatively simple for a first timer like me, and has a window on top to let you see that 3-fan GPU goodness.

Power Supply

Blew away my expectations. 600W for $120!? Take MY money!

Operating System

Got this at 90% off because my dad works at MSFT and they get software at a heavy discount. Not one to complain.

Wireless Network Adapter

Not much to say here. Works pretty well.


Impressed, because this is a TN panel, and is only 75hz, but is still a solid piece of work.


This is my first mechanical keyboard, and the Romer-G switches feel a little different than a Cherry MX Red that my cousin has, but feels amazing. Kinda bummed there aren't any G-Keys, but my mouse makes up for that, so no stars knocked there.


SO MANY FREAKIN' BUTTONS! I know that this is probably mundane for most of you gamers out there, but I am loving it coming from $10 Microsoft wireless mice.


Already had this, just added it in because why not?

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  • 19 months ago
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The fastest paper shredder I've ever seen.

  • 19 months ago
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Yeah, I use it to shred stress.

  • 19 months ago
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Amazing, I love seeing this Portal type case in use, and I love what you did. though I would have chose some other parts due to price, I'm assuming this was a longer project? since the parts are a bit dated, like the processor, and 1060, I would have spent the little extra coin and got maybe a 1070, and for the processor maybe the i3 8350K for money sake and the sheer power it puts out. but besides my critique on those two things, I am loving it, and I would love to see any updates and upgrades that you may perform in the future.

  • 19 months ago
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Yeah, back then the crypto craze prevented me from getting a 1070, and I saw an i5 on Amazon, and I was like, "Let's just use that." I will most likely upgrade at some point later, though. Thanks for feedback!