I have been using kodi on a nvidia shield tablet for awhile now and wanted to start using plex, I had an old laptop that I tried to use but it never worked well so this is how this build came about, I have never built a pic before or even used one much as i have used iPads for the past few years. The i3 6100 is lovely chip was thinking about an i5 6500 but just as I was about to buy the price went up and I didn't think that £90 difference was worth the cost. Msi motherboard I bought as it was cheap and does what I need. Ram I didn't need 16gb but it was a good price so why not. Ssd read good reports about adata Hdd I read that 5700rpm hard drive makes less noise Gtx 950 was going to get a gtx750 ti but found this used on Amazon as I will try some gaming in the future Raven case, I was going to get fractal node 202 but wanted a DVD drive and not an external one so this was the best option, it was hard to get the wiring sorted but I have done the best I could. Windows 10 tried Linux on old laptop and didn't get on with it so got Windows instead. Overall I am very happy about my build

Update Had to buy a cooler as the stock cooler was running hot, got up to 90 c so bought the shadow rock and temps have lowered

Part Reviews


Powerful little beast really happy with it

CPU Cooler

Really nice cooler, took the fan off the case lid and put it with the gpu fan


Does what I want it too


Does what I need it for

Video Card

Seems very good

Power Supply

Really really nice psu nice and quiet


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Very solid build, in terms of parts choice, actual building and cable management. Hope it suits all your needings as fast as you expected!

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Thank you it's perfect for my needs at this time,

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Hi there, currently planning a HTPC build myself for purely playing digital download films and streaming other online services via a HDMI cable. Can I ask how yours is performing and if you are achieving a quality 1080p smooth picture. I also have selected the same CPU and motherboard as you. Cheers and nice build.

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