(UPDATE): Added photos. Sorry for grainy quality photos from my phone.

Upon taking these pictures, I found out that the top USB port on the front I/O is warped. It may still be usable, but I don't want to force it into place. I plan to just leave it for now, as I don't really use that port anyway.

Hope you enjoy.

I wanted a PC that could game in the living (1080p for now) that looks great and can be upgraded. This is my first post, so I apologize if its lengthy.

I actually built this based on my other build from accident. I incorrectly removed my CPU from my Gigabyte Gaming 7 and bent some pins and snapped one off. I couldn't find an affordable fix for it so I got a Gigabyte Gaming 5 not knowing it was mATX. When I fit it in my Corsair Carbide 300r, it looks really small, especially with a Noctua NH-D15 on it. So I decided to just save the other parts for another computer and make a newbuild accommodating most of the parts from that build into a newer build - hence the birth of this build.

Case: I wanted a red, white, and black theme so I went with the Xigmatek Aquila White. My other decision would be the Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV White, but this was more affordable and I liked the square window of the Aquila a lot more. I love this case, I just don't know which way to face it in my living room.

CPU: I had the i5-4690K from my original build and it was a combo deal with the PSU I'm using. Amazing CPU.

CPU Cooler: I bought a NZXT Kraken X41 to accommodate the case size. This is a great cooler and the software as some negative reviews say, works just fine for me. The previous Noctua NH-D15, although amazingly quiet and cool, doesn't fit too well in the Aquilla. If you use one fan on the cooler, it might actually work. If you are using two fans, you might have to remove the rear exhaust fan. Also, I have the radiator of the X41 on the top rear side. If I ever decide to use the X41 for GPU cooling and use the NH-D15 for CPU cooling, I will have to move it to the top front side.

I only got the Gigabyte Gaming 5 because I wanted something more affordable and reliant since I irresponsibly handled the previous board, even that sounds odd because the Gigabyte Gaming 7 is a better version of it. This mobo works great and theres not that much a difference for gaming besides the lack of a power button on the mobo and the size of the board. It was more of an impulse buy after I realized that the original board didn't work properly. I didn't find out about the size of the board til I got it. After installing it, I realized how small it looked especially with NH-D15 and in the 300r case, which was when I decided to get a case to accommodate the size of the mobo.

Videocard: EVGA 970 FTW+ for gaming in the living room (49", 1080p). Amazing card. I also got the backplate for this card which helped dropped the temperature about 2 degrees and looks amazing, even though I can't see it with this case ><. I might get the NZXT GPU cooling bracket if I decide to change the GPU cooler or want to OC.

Memory: 8GB of G.SKill Sniper 1866 works just find for gaming. Might add another set so I can keep my browser open when gaming.

Power Supply: I got the Corsair CX750W 80+ Bronze because it came with a combo with my CPU and wanted enough power to accommodate a second 970 if I ever decide to get one.

Storage: Samsung 850 EVO 120GB m.2 to help the PC boot to desktop faster and other drives to house computer information and games. I got all these when they were on sale.

CPU Fans: I got Aerocool 200r fan to replace the orange fan that came with the Aquila and to intake air into the case. It runs well and the red LED fits the color theme I wanted. I got two Corsair 140mm fans to fit the color theme and to pull air out of the case.

LED: I got an LED stick just to give the inside of the case a nice red glow. This LED stick works pretty well with a vibrant illumation and sticks on via Velcro.

Air Flow: The 200mm in front is Intake, pushing air in. One of the AF140s is attached to the X41 radiator and attached to the top of the case towards the rear, pulling air from the case and through the radiator. The other AF140 is attached to the other slot on the top of the case towards the front, pulling air out of the case. The fan that came with the radiator is being used for exhaust, pulling air out the back of the case. The EVGA 970 FTW+ has two fans and produces the most heat in this configuration. While playing Dying Light at max settings without bloom and grain, it reaches at most 74 degrees and averages about 45-55 degrees.

Thank you for reading/taking a look, and I apologize for this lengthy/wordy description. This is my first post here.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Great AIO cooler. Fits pretty well in Xigmatek Aquila (in certain places/directions).

Software works fine. If Specs could be modified to be at a certain distance in games, this would be perfect.


Works great! No problems so far.


Works great! No problems so far.


Awesome product. I got this on sale for around $55ish. Boots my PC up in no time.


I use this to house my Steam Folder. Works flawlessly

Video Card

Amazing video card. I get 60 FPS on most games in 1080p max settings in the living room. Average temperatures at max load is around 74-76 degrees C.


I love this case. It comes with 2 fans, portable with handles, and has a lot of space for such a small case.

Adding in radiators, CPU coolers, graphics cards and motherboard is a little tricky but I didn't mind it. Make sure you get compatible parts.

[Update 09/2017] - So one of the handles snapped off, leaving a slot where dust can come in. It requires cleaning more frequently now because of it. An important note is that the front dust filter is a sort of a thin foam cushion that collects dust and is held on by the metal grate. I find it very difficult to clean because of this. The top and bottom dust filters are mesh, which are much better to clean.

Not sure why this case has this sort of "mix", where the case is solid metal, but the top handles are plastic, and where the front dust filters are foam whilst the top and bottom are mesh. The screen can be scratched and will be scratched if you are not extra careful with it.

Case Fan

Works and looks great on Xigmatek Aquila White

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  • 57 months ago
  • 3 points

Please add more photos.

I absolutely love that case though! Show off your stuff!

  • 57 months ago
  • 2 points

Moooooore photos, it looks beautiful. More please :)

  • 57 months ago
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We demand more pictures!!

  • 57 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey guys, I added some photos. Sorry for grainy quality. Hope you enjoy

  • 33 months ago
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Hows that HDD Served You for last couple of years is it Still Reliable as Day one its currently listed for 76$ and i want to buy one to house my collection of Unity/unreal Engine tutorials but i'm affraid it might fail on me

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

For the 1TB Seagate, I've given it to my brother to use for his computer. He's had no issues so far using it for Steam. For the 3TB Toshiba, I'm using it for everything except OS. (I'm using SSD for that) I keep all my games on this drive and I use it almost everyday to access Steam/Blizzard Client/Origin/UPlay, Chrome and storage. I haven't done anything that could count as strenuous on the HDD besides gaming.

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

That exactly what i'mm willing to use my Hdd accessing some video & MS Word Files Thank you for the quick feedback i guess i'm gonna go for the 3Tb Version

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