Hi guys. This is my first nearly finished build. I was so worried about delving into the pc building game. But so happy that I finally got round to doing it. This is my first buid - minus the GPU.

Let me know if you have any tips on making it better and what GPU should I get? Budget is looking at a GTX 1060 at the minute but could possibly push a little further.

Part Reviews


I wanted the fastest, most powerful CPU my money could buy. This little chip delivered. I wanted something future-proof, so I'm hoping that it'll last for many years to come. definitely fast enough for what I need it for. The thought of OC'ing scares me at the minute as I'm new to all of this and feel I'd need to upgrade certain parts before doing so.... but the option is there if I need it

CPU Cooler

Easy to install, keeps the temps reasonably cool (not tested whilst gaming yet) and looks the part in my red/black theme. Given it 5 stars because it does exactly what I want it to do


Probably should of gone a little higher than the 2133.... But I guess it's not too much of an expense to upgrade in the future. The 8gb I have at the minute are doing the job just fine. Will be upgrading to 16gb eventually


Never used an SSD before until I installed this one. Definitely worth investing in an SSD from now on. Fast boot is so much better! Was going to go with the Samsung but I was on a small budget at the time. But more than happy with the Hynix


What can I say ..... ?

Holds 2tb.... fairly quick at loading..... a steal at the price


I watched a lot of videos on cases before I even started buying parts for my machine. I was looking for the Red/Black theme anyway.....

For me, this is an awesome case. Looks nice, hides cable management very well, easy working with cable management also.... plenty of room and holds good temps

Case Fan

Quite a noisy fan when on max settings but I don't need max settings at the minute so all is good! Struggle to watch movies etc when on low-ish volume, but you kind of get used to the fan noise after a while! Will probably change the intakes eventually for something a little less noisy, but That is the only complaint I have

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I would look for a second hand 980 Ti. Its around 40% better than the 1060. And if you wait for a good deal you can probably find one around $200-$250. Even the regular 980 is around 10% quicker. Look on eBay, Reddit, and Craigslist. You'll be amazed at what you find sometimes.

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get an rx 480/580 or even 2 of them in crossfire you wont regret it

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