Let me start off by saying; You can get much better PPD (Performance per dollar) when GPU prices go down (This was built during the Cryptocurrency Craze). So this system was kind of unplanned until I got this motherboard for free and decided to use it to utilize my literal stack of hard drives sitting around my house. Since I was digging into my savings to build this PC, I have put my GTX1080Ti 8700k Rig on hold for now (Teaser(wink wink)). So I got this motherboard for free from my cousin, with a dead stick of G.skill RAM (I have an adapter to laptop RAM, but I need to make some more money before I finalize (Feb 2018)) and planned to use it in a system that would serve as a server(ba-dum tisss). The Case was a pretty decent, cheap choice and I am satisfied with what I got, although I will be modding the case to allow more airflow through the front (LASERCUTTERMAN AWAY). I did have an old Corsair V something 550 watt PSU. I accidentally caught a Molex harness in the front panel which caused it to die. This one was a replacement (Both are used) for completely free, Thanks PC Recycle and Repair. I got the Intel stock cooler because ordering the i5 used meant that there was no cooler included, but until I get my Ballin-*** 3000 dollar beast, I'll use the Cryorig H5 Ultimate that I bought for it. Right now, the best cheap GPU choice to rival Nvidia's 1050ti (Which is at between 250 to 350 right now) is AMD's RX 560 which I bought at 170. This is just to scrape by with my 2k monitor in gaming while I collect savings. The RAM was whatever was cheapest on eBay that wasn't some of that stupid AMD High-Density bullcrap, and it happened to be this HyperX Fury Blue stick of 8gb DDR3-1600.

This PC is good enough for some light/moderate gaming, even if it is a bit old. The temp sensor on the motherboard is all out of whack, showing me 206C on the chipset. I tried overclocking, but that just disabled the boost clock. I've set up the two 640gb in RAID 0, an I just manually back up whatever data to the Hitachi, although I might use that to experiment with Linux and MacOS. The PSU has severe coil whine when the computer is off, but when it's operational I don't hear anything because the fan is so loud.

Also I modded some RGB into the case- teehee

Part Reviews


Works. Can handle any load that I put on it, and it's not too hot. Good if you can find it for around $150 on eBay or Facebook.

CPU Cooler

BEAST, but I recommend switching the fan out if you have a CPU with a TDP of more than 90 watts. If it runs at the lowest speed, it's quiet, but when it spins up it's unbearable. Otherwise, it runs my 88 watt CPU at 50-55 degrees under sudden load.


Nice motherboard, plenty of headers, and nice light. Has a decent arrangement of I/O, and the sata cables with locks included are nice, and it's a generally easy to work with motherboard. The only issue I had was that the temperature sensor on the VRM or Chipset (I don't know which) has gone wacko and is showing a readout of 206C.


RAM is RAM. Lucky me, I have a red color scheme, but I don't really care. It's kinda pretty, but otherwise unremarkable.


Works. I've owned two for over 10 years and they still work, although one has been spitting out SMART errors. still a long lifetime for a good drive.


Nice and fast, at least 40mb/s from what I've seen. I got it for free, so I can't say anything about price.

Video Card

Good only for some minor computing stuff, like mining. It can't game.


Pros: -There were no sharp edges -Everything was clearly labeled -Lighting looks great -USB 3 at this price is amazing -Even though people were talking about dead fans, It's nice for me that they all came working, meaning I needed only one more 120mm fan to fill it up. -Screwless Hard Drive mounts are nice -Fans, even at full speed, are pretty much silent, although at first one of them had a vibrating bearing (it somehow smoothed itself out) -The fans have a nice Molex adapter coming off the 3-pin fan header (They're chainable, which means you can put everything including the lighting power connector(also molex) onto the same

Cons: -Could fit more 3.5" drives. -Not all of the 2.5" mounts have a nice single screw sled -Even though the edges aren't that sharp, could still use rubber grommets

Other Thoughts: -Vents on the front could be nice -This thing has space for more fans in the top.

Power Supply

It can power anything you could dream of, but since I got mine used, it had so much coil whine that I couldn't stand it. The Fan is really loud, but that might be dust buildup. Decent otherwise. TOO MANY CABLES.


Decent, even in the crappy GPU market (March 2018). Can run some moderate load games at medium settings, 2560x1440.

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  • 19 months ago
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How are you using 2 different gpu’s at once? Or is it that you have more than 1 monitors?

  • 19 months ago
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It's possible to have any two gpu's as long as they fit into the same type of slot, they will just run separately, which means games can only use one at a time

  • 19 months ago
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Oh okay