Wanted an awesome gaming PC without making huge compromises and without liquid coolers. I've built AMD machines before with great success. The build went fairly smoothly, most went together like Legos. The motherboard sat just a touch low on one side even though only one size standoff was in the given parts bag that came with the case. I shimmed the corresponding standoff with a bit of non conducting material to make it a perfect fit. After a few hours installing Win 7 Pro, installing drivers and formatting the HD I started to install my first game. As the game installed I stumbled around windows menus to see if I could fix an issue I was having with my Dell monitor not waking upon mouse/keyboard input. Not finding what I was looking for began to frustrate me and then BLUE SCREEN! Restarted then would freeze upon post not allowing me into bios. After many hours scratching my head and removing all non essential hardware to isolate where the problem was I RMAed the motherboard only to find the same problem. I had a local tech shop troubleshoot and found that the i7 6700k was not working causing the problem. They said they've only ever seen an Intel chip die once in the 6 years they've been in the business. I've RMAed the CPU and now I'm a little scared to switch her on after all the time trouble. I'll probly tackle it today and update this as soon as I do. Kudos to NewEgg and Amazon for their quick and painless RMA process. I will use these companies in the future without worrying about faulty hardware not being replaceable.

update Replacement 6700K installed and works right away like it should. So far so good as the other chip lasted a few hours. Fingers crossed as I download the rest of my steam games. Very quiet right now but no load yet on it. My 3yo AMD build with R9 390 8gb card in the same case is louder for sure. Interestingly the 230mm fan located just below the window panel can not be used due to a clearance issue with the gigantic CPU cooler. No problem, I'll order a couple 140mm fans that won't hit anything or just leave it open. This case I love so much because it's huge and has a ton of air flow so losing one fan isn't the end of the world.

Part Reviews


Paired with a large dual radiator air cooler. Fast as heck and much overclockable potential. The first chip was dead after less than 6 hours of operation with no overclock. RMAed from amazon with no issue. Second chip has yet to be tested but I have high hopes that Intel will come through on this one.

CPU Cooler

Limited up time so far but fan operates smooth, quiet and so big it gives confidence that a water cooler is not necessary to cool this beast of a CPU.


I RMAed the first board I had but it was NOT at fault. This board looks cool but also has a ton of features. I haven't built a system for a few years but I'm pleased to see they're making so many cool looking boards that allow you to make eye pleasing combinations of hardware. Looks are nothing when it comes to performance but I find myself choosing pieces based on the hardwares ability and what it looks like as well.


Honestly I was torn between like three different types of sticks but these were red. So far they've worked great. Initially the speed limits to 2400 but I've read that this is normal and some minor tweaking is necessary to get the full potential from these. I'm excited to use the new-ish DDR4 ram and see what it can do.


Formatted and boots win 7 pro with zero problems. I bought this because Intel is supposed to have the most reliable ssds but mostly due to the Skull! Cool right ? I've considered Velcroing it to the outside of the case so I can see it better instead of hidden in the case. Lol

Video Card

Wholly cow, this is a thing of beauty. What a quality built price of tech hardware. I was on the fence as to which card to go with so I checked my credit card limit and hit the go button at newegg. This sucker is spendy for sure but it's pretty awesome. Can't wait to push the limits of some of my favorite 2k games to see how they look.


This will be my second build with the 932 case. First was an AMD Sabertooth build that is still kicking butt three years later. They used to come with led lights on the side fan as well as front and also in blue. Now you can only get red and only one front led fan light from what I could find. All the big 230mm fans are still included which is why I love these cases. The moves so much air it keeps everything at a calm temp even under load. Also it looks like a tank. Heavy, as you can imagine, but makes a great building platform as it isn't walking itself away from you as you install parts etc. Very much love these cases even though they only come with the one led lighted fan. I added a red led strip light to compensate for the lacking side fan light. I didn't want my new build to get jealous of my old blue build. Lol

Power Supply

From the start of this build I was attempting to buy parts that were only good items of substantial build quality. This PS is no exemption. The packaging was typical of newer power supplies with the over done pampering of the device. Overall this feels and looks like an industrial price of hardware that instilled confidence. I went with a PS that provides up to double the wattage that my system is spec'ed to use so that I'm fully prepared to over clock or run dual video card etc.

Optical Drive

Does exactly what you want. Cheap and works!

Operating System

Not sold on win 10 yet. So far works well even with this new hardware in this build. I've had great success with other systems running win 7 pro so I'll continue to use this until they work the kinks out of 10.


disable deep sleep mode using the monitor controls. Doing this allowed me to 'wake' the monitor from sleep using inputs from the mouse/keyboard. What can I say? This is big and awesome. Gaming monitor with 1ms response time. I have almost no idea what that even does but it's sounds pretty great. Love it


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damn that cooler, can that mb even handle all that weight? ><

a pic of finished product would be nice tho =)

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I'll post a finish once I button everything up after I make sure the replacement cup isn't also a dud.

The motherboard doesn't appear to flex at all with the cooler on it. I was worried from the size of it but it's surprisingly light.

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I've always been curious about the baby brother of my HAF X.