This is my first build. I used 2010 parts and a business-friendly motif for the build.

I installed a custom BIOS which shows an E CORP logo when booted. I am a fan of Mr. Robot, and I liked having a business-y BIOS for a business-y build.

I hid an easter egg on the "Identification Information" BIOS screen. Try to find it!

Part Reviews


It's a solid CPU. 4 cores is all I needed. It does not have an integrated CPU, but I don't need it.

CPU Cooler

Good cooler. It has 4 direct contact heat pipes, which means you need more thermal paste when applying. Also, it has enough clearance for memory slots.

Thermal Compound

This is my trusty thermal paste. It causes no problems for me.


It's a solid motherboard. It has a P55 chipset, which is the high end of the cpu slot. I tried to overclock the CPU using this, but I set it back to stock speeds because I have no experience in overclocking.


Budget RAM, the only one I could afford.


Western Digital Blue drives are reliable and good for my application. I have two of these HDDs that add up to 640GB, which is more than what I need (500GB)

Video Card

Remember when video cards had crazy looking cooling fans? This one's not one of them, and that's what I liked about it.


Business-friendly case. It has a lot of fan slots.

Power Supply

It's a PSU. Knocked out a star because it does not have 80+ certification.

Case Fan

Keeps the system cool.


I don't have enough cable space at the back of the case, and this cable saved the day.


I had 3 mobo fan slots and 6 fans, so I need 3 of these.

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  • 18 months ago
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I am also a Mr. Robot fan; love the "E-Corp" addition :)