I have not played games on PC for 10+ years. PC was the first platform I ever played games on, and while consoles got the job done these past years, I missed the freedom that the PC platform provided.

When looking at pre-built options, my friends kept saying, "build it yourself." In the end, I'm glad I made the effort! It is the first PC I ever built, I learned a lot about something new, and I enjoyed myself... I'm kind of already thinking about upgrades. (I can see how this hobby can become a sinkhole!)

My plan for this computer is strictly a gaming/media machine. Recently, I've been playing heavily modded Skyrim, and Nier Automata. My bf and I recently completed Divinity Original Sin, and have now started playing the sequel. We also occasionally play Broforce and the Trine series. (I should upload his PC that I built for him after completing my own.)

I bought 3DMark on a Steam sale, and ran some tests (1440p) in case anyone is interested.


  • 99% passed, 20 loops

  • 85 average FPS

  • Average 49 degrees celsius CPU temperature at 3.7 Ghz

  • 67 degrees Celsius GPU temperature

I guess these are respectable numbers? The only problems I have are software related, mainly NZXT's CAM software and Corsair's Utility Engine.

Comments and suggestions of all kinds welcome. (I am already considering custom cables.)

Part Reviews


Was able to OC to 3.7 Ghz on stock voltage. So far so good. Appears to perform well, but I doubt I'll utilize the full potential of this CPU with my regular use.

Price note: CPU+mobo discount from Microcenter, plus an MIR.

CPU Cooler

Again, first time building my own PC here! I didn't know that I had to apply such force to screw the stock cooler into the mobo. I thought there was something wrong with the cooler, so I went out and bought the Hyper 212 Evo. Installing the 212 Evo was a pain the in a**. I wish I had known about Cryorig, but lesson learned. A complete mess of a first time build mistake, oh well.


I was originally going to buy a more budget B350 mobo, but since I was able to get a deal at Microcenter, I bought a slightly nicer one. I like the color neutral scheme, and the RGB is a nice touch.


I'm new to everything about PC building. This RAM is listed as out of the box compatible with Intel, but not AMD. Still, I wanted to try simple overclocking. I flashed the BIOS to the most recent 11/17/17 update at time of building. I then manually set the RAM to 2933 without making any other changes to the BIOS settings. It works, I think.


I do not have any other SSD to compare it to, but I remember what booting to Windows from HDDs are like. So based on that comparison, this SSD performs very well. I feel like 500 GB was the best price point at the time for the amount of storage. My OS is on here, and my favorite games.


If you're going for whatever storage is cheapest, then I recommend this HDD, but "hindsight is 20/20," and I do not think this was the best purchase for me. I think a larger HDD would have been better because I plan to store multiple Steam games on this HDD, and that can take up space fairly quickly. As far as functionality goes, it works, no problems.

Video Card

The card is quiet. Usually idles around 30 degrees Celsius. If I'm watching movies/Youtube, it hangs around 40 degrees Celsius. When gaming, the fans start spinning, and hottest its become is around 60 degrees Celsius.

Price note: I was surprised to find any GTX 1070 under $400 at the time of purchase, which was 10/2017. I was lucky to find it when I did since there were no good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals on these graphics cards, and prices are insane now.


After having built in this case, I have fallen in love with the cable management resources this case provides: the grommets, PSU shroud, velcro straps, and the generous amount of space in the back. It is perfect for a new builder. I also like the partially white interior, as it allows the RGB to pop. However, I would say that the front panel does block airflow. In the future, I'll probably change cases when doing a full upgrade, but that's years from now. In the summer, I'll just remove the front panel, and keep the cats out of my room.

Power Supply

Great power supply with 7 year warranty: fully modular, black cables. I haven't used it for long, but no complaints so far.

Wireless Network Adapter

I haven't noticed any difference in wired vs wireless Internet connection. Internet seems very fast, and smooth! Just wish the adapter wasn't red.

Case Fan

I love these fans. They match my RAM, so I have a lively little technicolor rainbow party in my PC. The CAM software is still buggy to this day though.


My first mechanical keyboard. All the clickies, all the clackies! This keyboard does not have dedicated media buttons, but I use a headset and Logitech speakers, so I don't mind the lack of these buttons. Keyboard is responsive, and bright. I am not a fan of the Corsair software required to program keys and lighting effects, as it is not the most intuitive, but it does allow for multiple profiles. At least CUE doesn't crash like CAM does, so I'll give it full stars.


So many buttons! Buttons for days.


I am not an audiophile, so my comments come from that perspective. When researching whether I should buy the Logitech vs the the Klipsch Promedia 2.1, most comments from folk similar to myself said that the two systems are comparable. I've not had any issues since purchasing the Logitech. The sound is great compared to my monitor's speakers. The bass is very bassy if that's your thing. Easy set-up.

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  • 24 months ago
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Very nice +1

  • 24 months ago
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Thank you.

  • 24 months ago
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+1 for cats

  • 24 months ago
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Yes, cats can make everything better!

  • 24 months ago
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Where did you buy the 1070 from?

  • 24 months ago
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I built this last October before the prices on graphics cards spiked up again. It was purchased from BHphotovideo. Their prices are not so great as of now, however.

  • 24 months ago
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you're very lucky. I wish I would have known before the gpu prices sky rocketed

  • 22 months ago
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Were you able to set the RAM at 3200 Mhz?

  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

I never actually tried, but it would probably work. I bought some GEIL ram for another build that was made for Intel, but placed the RAM in an AMD system. Worked OC to the advertised speed. I imagine if you update your mobo to the latest BIOS it would work.

  • 18 months ago
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Did you have any clearance issues with the CPU Cooler? Looking at buying this case.

  • 18 months ago
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The Hyper 212 just fits. It fits closely to the glass, but does not touch it.