This was my first computer build going pretty good, the case screws were a 30-minute nightmare for sorting them out but the end result is awesome.

Reflection: Its a new year and a new computer, I upgraded my CPU from an A6 7470k to an Athlon X$ 880k to help the bottleneck and I also upgraded the PSU from an Apevia Venus 450W to a Corsair CX550 80+ bronze PSU. I should have bought that PSU in the first place but I was short of a small amount of cash and that off-brand PSU looked like a nice grab. Its almost been two years since I've built this PC and a lot has changed.

The items on my wishlist include 1. A new case, 2. RBG, 3. SSD I will add pictures asap.

Part Reviews


By far the best CPU for the FM2+ socket, after this guy, I will move on to AM4. Works great with the rx570, happy I got this guy so I didnt have to spend $260 on a uphaul to Ryzen. Worth the $81

CPU Cooler

I got this cooler for a good price, works good and doesn't make a ton of sound


Good mobo for the price. Decent cheesy star-themed bios.


Good RAM for a budget system, nice color and works great.


Good hard drive for the price.

Video Card

Good quality GPU from MSI, looks great! Also plays great, the extra 4GB is worth it. The backplate is also a NEED.


I got this guy from an NCIX Christmas sale for 25 dollars off! it's an bad case, lots and lots of space, very bad for cable management. Not good to reuse. Wish I could remove some of the drive bays. I really am wishing for a better case with better airflow now

Operating System

Got a product key from my old laptop that I don't use anymore.

Wireless Network Adapter

Works great, the only issue is that I needed to get the drivers from the CD included to a USB drive so I could install them.

Case Fan

Cool color but I can't see it in the front of the case because my drive cages were blocking it. works and sounds great. (Not much sound)


Good budget keyboard, I should of known that it was a "Mem-Canical" keyboard. They fooled me there. It still feels good though.

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