Exceptionally quiet and not reaching very crazy temps. Grandma said the LEDs are a little bit too much but turned out to like them ;)

Part Reviews


Fast and not that much heat. TDP is slightly higher than same level intel CPUs but hey you get these at 70% of the price, for roughly the same performance, if not better. Since I'm using water cooler anyway TDP doesn't matter that much to begin with.

CPU Cooler

The reason why I picked this cooler over corsair or NZXT ones is a) it's dirt cheap compared to those two and b) I prefer the design of this one. Does its job, what more do you need.

One slight downside is that it really isn't the most quiet water cooler out there, you can sometimes hear the pump disturbing the coolant (water sounds, basically). This rarely happens, but when it does, it's when the CPU doesn't have a lot of load on it.


Way better than those overpriced ASUS mobos in terms of cost effectiveness. RGB really isn't that obvious, especially if you have other lightings in your set up. Has 3 M.2 slots and 2 PCIE x16 slots = Good upgrading potential. All M.2 slots come with heat sinks for your peace of mind.

Wifi works great, robs all the internet speed from my roommates ;)

So far seems to be working pretty stable so reliability should not be an issue.


Paired with my mobo and CPU, these are one-key set up. You can forget all about timing and all that. Best looking RGB in the market IMO.

For added effects, don't forget to install G.skill RGB controlling software and set memory RGB control to "off" on your mobo RGB software.


It's slightly slower than the samsung one i have below, but it's still an ssd. Has slightly more actual usable space than the samsung one, which probably indicates shorter life.



If you're making a build for yourself, whatever budget you're on, you need to get one of these, or at least the 500 gig version. It'll give you twice the using experience compared to your actual performance.

Video Card

It's fast, it has RTX, it has RGB, it's not hot. In my case(pun intended) this thing runs at 70 degrees Celsius on full load.

Downside: it's out of stock everywhere.


Best looking case 2019 IMO. Cable management made easy. Pretty good airflow, contrary to some reviews out there.

Comes with its own light controller because NZXT fans don't work with most mobo RGB controls.

Speculation: the reason why people get less than satisfactory airflow in this case is probably that they only used the fans that came with the case, which accounts for 2 intake and 1 exhaust fans. Ideally you want 2 in and 2 out, and with my limited knowledge in aero and thermo dynamics, creating negative pressure inside your case is much more effective than trying to push more air into the case with intake fans, so be sure to install one extra fan on the top.

Power Supply

it works, it looks good, it's 80+.

Notes: I don't intend to OC in the foreseeable future, so i opted for the lower power rating. If you plan on OCing, reserve more power overhead than this set up. Maybe 750W if you use 2070S as i do, or 850W if you want to go for Radeon 5700XT or RTX 2080S.

Case Fan

The case comes with a fan with the same size and if i'm not wrong, the same CFM, so this is not necessary unless you want moar lights like i do. Note that the RGB controller in the case only has 2 RGB output ports (one for fans and one for an LED strip) so you need to connect the RGB cable to the front panel fans in order for the RGB to work.


It's 2K, it's IPS, it's cheap. Pretty good value for the price if you ask me.


A lot of people don't like the dampened feel of the ROMER-G switches. I find them nice. Before your key stroke hits the dampening pad it feels more or less similar to Cherry MX brown switches. Also comes with a cellphone stand, which can be more useful than you think it would.


Arguably the best wireless gaming mouse out there, or gaming mice in general. If you get the powerplay system it works even better, but if you don't, the built in rechargeable battery still has a pretty decent battery life.


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