I have finally moved from the Poptoastado that plagued me for all those years. Some of the "stock" named stuff are what was In the PC when I got it.

I only bought 8gb more ram so I have 16Gb in total. I also bought a 1tb SSD but Microcenter forgot to check if there was a extra mount there. I got the Keyboard and mouse around Christmas and the Headphones sometime during the Poptoastado's use prior to 2017.

I purchased a 1050ti in june of 2017 and That was apart of a failure of buying Refurbished online from a unknown publisher...The case side panel would not open and within a month the computer died.

Unfortunately I am still using THAT 900p garbage... I plan on getting a new display soon.

I did manage to upgrade my chair... I bought the Staples Hyken just before Christmas. Id say that is by far the best chair I have ever used at this price point...Better than that old Bruckner I was using.

I do not have Dates for this being built nor the Temps...ITs what you would expect from a Optiplex with a 1050ti shoved in it.

Part Reviews


This processor works great despite its age in 2018


Its Ram and it fits my system


Ehh 500Gb is too small for most things I do.

Video Card

Its a tiny performance card that still can play newer games despite it being a 1050ti.


No wires? Minimal issues. Perfection


A bit cumbersome with the battery but muscle memory kicks in if you have your charging cord on standby.


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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)