My first computer build for mostly gaming. Alot of the parts i managed to get discounts and such which made the price cheaper.

The msi motherboard i got from a friend for free which is why im using it. the i5-9600k i got on sale price so it was the best option even though i wont be overclocking. the rtx 2060 i got 20% off. the case i managed to get for 30$ the fans i got 5 for 50$ and powersupply for 100$

only problem that came up was the motherboard did need a bios update luckily i had a friend help me with that one

Part Reviews


great cpu for the price handles all my gaming needs

CPU Cooler

since i dont overclock this works just great for keeping temps low and is very quiet


serves its purpose since i got it for free but it did need a bios update which was a pain. only has 2 system fan headers though. the msi command center is a great program though for setting speeds and such


corsair always great ram good speed


1TB is good enough storage for me with decent read/write

Video Card

Card is great performance wise though it doesnt take to much to get its temps high and does run a little loud but im always wearing headphones so doesnt bug me to much


i actually have the mx350 but its not listed here for some reason so i picked this one which is almost the exact same. hides the power supply and makes cable management a little easier to make for a clean look

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  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Heyo how are the Temps on the gpu?

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

playing a big title on higher settings like division 2 for example it will reach 70-74 idle the temps hover around 33-36