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First Ever Build

by Yaycub


First of all I just wanna say thanks to those who go on the forums and help out newbies like me pick parts on this website. I honestly never thought picking parts for a pc could be so fun and easy. Figured I owed it to show the finished product.

I was a little wary with my cpu/gpu combo but they run very smooth together, even though I have yet to really push them.

Part Reviews


Very good looking, well functioning mobo for the price


It's ram. Not too pricey, also not ugly.

Video Card

Love it so far. Haven't overclocked but i'm not too worried. Runs very quiet and temps have been great.


Amazing tower. My friend who helped me put my build together said it was one of the best cases he's ever worked out of. Cable management is off the chain.

Power Supply

A little overkill with my build but it works great.

Case Fan

I was originally afraid I did not have enough fans but these are sufficient so far. Red LEDs are awesome.


Good monitor. Does not come with HDMI cord fyi (I know a lot don't)


Good cheap keyboard/mouse that doesn't look like garbage. Keyboard is a bit loud for my liking, but the mouse is surprisingly nice.


Good sub speakers. Got em at Best Buy on sale. Speaker controller is pretty convenient.

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LeMMingSlayeR 24 Builds 4 points 32 months ago

Nice build! I wouldn't worry much about your CPU/GPU combo, I have an FX8350 with a GTX 970 (the 970 is about 10-15% slower than the 1060) and I have a really good gaming experience in all my games, with most of them playing at very high or maxed settings. The 8350 is a little older now, and with Zen around the corner I might have gotten something cheaper and played for a quick upgrade. But for the money the FX8350 is still a very good CPU and you shouldn't have any problems. Thanks for sharing!


Rjohn300 4 Builds 3 points 32 months ago

AMD is still a viable choice for gamers and professionals alike. I have used and still used FX series cpus as VMware and Hyper-V Hosts for several years now. Its multithreading capabilities in these scenarios is fantastic especially within the price bracket they are in. When people say AMD is terrible, it is generally ignorance and misunderstanding on what is the purpose and intention of the CPU. Real PC gamers can appreciate what both AMD and Intel bring to the table and not necessarily label one as a "terrible" as it is because of both these companies that new innovations can emerge and we as gamers can benefit (e.g. potential of Zen vs. Broadwell).

But Good choices and very clean looks. Enjoy your build #ascension #pcmasterrace.

vagabond139 5 Builds 1 point 32 months ago

I wouldn't call a AM3+ or FM2+ CPU a good choice for a gaming CPU. The whole FM2+ lineup is out done by Pentium G4400 for less. The FX 6300 is murdered by the i3 6100 for only a few dollars more. The i3 6100 and the FX 8350 trade blows and a i5 6400 out performs the FX 9590 and from there upwards it only gets worse for AMD.

Rjohn300 4 Builds 1 point 32 months ago

I'm not saying it performs on a equivalent level when it comes to IPC. I am just saying they are sufficient for most purposes. I personally run a Xeon in my rig but I do like the FX in my some of my servers, and cheap guest gaming pc. Would I suggest a AMD pc for gaming if your budget is capable of a intel build absolutely not. What I am saying is when its between a console and AMD based system with a sufficient GPU I would choose the AMD based system. I do agree with you on how the AMD models are consistently beaten by intel even by their budget counterparts and I am hoping AMD's Zen will bring some sorely needed competition back to the pc market. Good points though

Crofter 5 Builds 2 points 32 months ago

That is a nice build, though as you say psu is defo overkill. That is a very good overclocking motherboard, since you have an fx cpu you might as well push it as far as you can with your air cooler if you see any cpu based lag in whatever software/games you're running, plenty of good overclocking guides on line. This is where price to performance tells with AMD cpus.

AlecFrey 1 point 32 months ago

that psu is so overkill. You shouldve spent a 100 dollars less on it and put that money toward a better cpu like skylake.

xc4628 1 Build 1 point 32 months ago

I just build my own PC too. Both of us got a PSU that is overkill for what we have built. Show us what the inside looks like too, please. :)

[comment deleted by staff]
vagabond139 5 Builds 2 points 32 months ago

Intel fanboy much?