I named this build TRANSLATOR for some unknown reason. I have been saving for over 4 years to by the PC as well as the setup, I spent all my savings on it too. This machine is mainly for gaming with schoolwork and miscellaneous tasks such as video editing, on the side.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 This was a bit overkill, having 16 threads is not really necessary for gaming but it feels really fast. The stock cooler looks great even though the RGB function only produces red, green or yellow using Gigabyte RGB Fusion software on my unit. It is a beast and I would recommend this if you can get it for a good deal.

Motherboard: Gigabyte AX370 Gaming K5 I fell in love with the look of this board the moment I saw it. RGB RGB RGB EVERYWHERE. It was a relatively cheap X370 mobo which was colour neutral. The BIOS is clean and the box came with lots of accessories. I am still waiting to overclock the CPU so I will update this page with my experiences later. The only problem I have is the control software and how finicky it is. It barely works with the cooler RGB and does not load half of the time.

Memory: Corsair Vengence RGB 16GB The RAM prices are crazy at the moment and they are only getting worse. I had been watching these increase for months and finally jumped on them. They look stunning in vibrant colours. Again the software is a bit annoying. Linking them together is hard and the modes sometimes don't work properly after a restart. The Corsair LINK software gives accurate info on temps and fan speeds aff all components for that's a plus. I have enabled XMP and they run stable even at 3000mhz!

Storage: Crucial MX300 275GB SSD Not much to say about this. Works fine and is plenty fast. it is nice to have a bit of extra storage compared to a 240GB SSD. The wired number seemed dodgy at first but I had purchased a 525GB SSD from them in the past.

GPU: ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 06G Well, Well, Well, This was easily the most expensive part partly due to the Mining crises and a shortage of mid-tier Graphics cards. This was overpriced but it came with Assassins Creed origins as a bundle. It is so beautiful, well constructed and a beast for 1080p gaming. I have no money right now but in the near future, I hope to play WWII as well as the E-sports titles. The RGB lighting is hard to see facing downwards but it was a worthy investment.

Case: Phanteks P400s TG Black/White This is a beautiful case and I love it. It is well constructed with premium features such as a tempered glass window, fan controller and a built-in RGB strip. The 2 included fans are quiet. It has options for top mounted fans with dust filters everywhere. The PSU shroud is nice as well. The white reflects the colours nicely. The back is spacious as well. With a hold of the RGB button on the case, it can cycle between 10 colours or pulse of just one colour. It is a steal at only £80

I managed to find Windows 10 Pro for £6!!!!! I have used these OEM keys before and had no trouble. A simple email from an Amazon seller got me a key. I don't care if it is not legit. It looks and functions like Windows 10 and it receives Updates frequently.

The build process was smooth despite a jumper cable piece getting stuck in the RGB port of the CPU cooler leaving the LED ring on red permanently. I struggle to change the colour beyond a green or a bright red. Can anyone help me figure out why I can only display those colours????

Part Reviews


Plenty fast. On my unit, the cooler had serious problems with bent pins on the RGB header.


Looks great. The RGB software is a bit finicky.


Looks amazing and has great timings. LINK software is useful but some RGB modes do not work properly.


Cheaper price for more storage. What more could you ask for?

Video Card

It's a shame about the price. Looks stylish, built well. Very powerful.


An amazing case, great features and a joy to build in.

Power Supply

It's a PSU. It does the job. The cables are long but are a bit tough.


Slightly small for a 24" monitor. Super thin bezels with great colours and quality. Not great for gaming as it is 60hz with a 6ms response time. The stand is adjustable. It has plenty of I/O.


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