I became an M.D. in the last few years, renovated my flat, engaged my gf, got married.. And some other things happened too. In the last 8 years I used my laptop for office work, my phone got this rule in the last 1.5 years. For game and for editing I used the old family rig, but 3 days of rendering 4 mins of video is ridiculous (it was a great sys, but time happened). Now came a bit of free time and money for a build, which is a long need coming true.

There are 4 factors I had to balance: power, noise lvls, price, and longevity. I know I can not take all of four, but having a healthy ratio between them is essential. As you can see I have no serious dedicated gaming mouse. (Going to buy it later) This is for the price cut to be able to buy high qual. products. I've spent ~2months with research, and looking for great prices in my region. I've bought lots of parts in a 10% deal. Our currency is HuF, as I write this 1 HuF means 0.003556 $, I use this as reference. ( We have quite high taxes, this way the overall cost is 300 bucks higher than the pcpp reference, but it is still lower than other shops here) I've got some extra guarantee for the parts, this also makes prices higher (and we have taxes even on extra guarantee :D)

As you can see my parts are somewhat color-matched. On one hand it didn't took much extra money, on the other hand in the beginning of the building process a windowed case was an option. Later my spouse disabled the window but I stuck with the red/black theme..I will sleep better knowing the inside is clean as well.

After the first 6 hours of operation I can say the noise output is hardly audible. The build is made positive pressure with 3 case fans pumping in (+ the psu fan is in), and a case fan pushing out.

Part Reviews


The strongest one in single strand, and 2nd strongest in paralell processing, this is the pioneer of it's socket type. The basic cooler is a joke, but this is a known fact. Processor works like a charm. This processor is overkill for gaming, but the video editing and other rendering oriented jobs require it.

CPU Cooler

A quite strong passive cooling capacity reinforced with an almost silent fan. The fan fastener wire thing is not the best enginiering product, but usable..I guess once. Overall this is a great product, but look out for the sizes. ( there is a picture about that.. For me this is a close call.)


Runs dead stable with XMP enabled. Knows what it has to know. It is very elegant and stylish.

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