I'm super happy with how this build turned out AMD has proven once again that you don't need to try break the piggy bank to be able to afford a good system. I've always big a big supporter of Team Red and I am even more now. I'm loving my build and i loved building it every step of the way !

Now for the tricky part at first I updated my bios then i tried to OC and the PC wouldn't boot I was really perplexed as to why this was happening but luckily I found out afterwards that it wasn't a problem with my computer but the BIOS update that was released at the time didn't support OC'ing a week or so after the build there was a new BIOS update and now i could OC , i tried to OC to 3.9 as i've seen alot of people running Ryzen 7 1700 builds being able to run a stable 3.9 , i mean it boots but it doesnt feel rock solid and after running a few tests i determined that i rather play it safe and go a bit lower to 3.7 with a slight voltage increase , i believe the voltage im running at is 1.35v with a stable 3.7 OC on the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 that i turned into a normal 120 by adding a 2nd fan. but you may as well save yourself the trouble and buy the normal 120 that comes with 2 fans i just had a spare laying around.

It games , it streams , it designs , does all the things i need it to without any hiccups or problems, I have been wondering tho with a more up to date card if it would be even better , so when the prices drop back down i should be putting up an RX 580 or VEGA if they ever become more affordable to be FULL TEAM RED !


Part Reviews


Best bang for your buck , you wont regret this purchase !

CPU Cooler

Keeps everything cool and silent.


Overclocks like a charm.


Good entry level SSD, although there are cheaper ones !


Since bigger SSD's are still expensive i think having at least a 1TB SSD for mass storage is always useful and Seagate have been doing a good job !

Video Card

Got this off a friend who's used it for a few years prior to me and it still works like a charm , well built , this card is still great in 2018


This case reminded me of the head crabs in Half Life and i just had to get it , it looks awesome.

Power Supply

Got this from an open box on Newegg and its great. powers everything as it needs to do.

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  • 30 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build, cable management needs some work though.