It's been years since I built a PC and years since I left PC gaming for console gaming. I wanted to get back into the game with a couple things in mind:

(1) Space saving is key - I have a small apartment and can't afford to donate massive square footage to a big, ugly tower.

(2) Cost-effectiveness - I wanted to keep the price within reason so long as it delivered a solid gaming experience

(3) Upgradability - I needed to leave loads of room for the future. I knew I might get a year in and decide to really plunk down for that big video board, or faster M2 storage and I needed the bones: PSU, CPU, Motherboard to be able to support whatever was coming down the road once I got started.

Part Reviews


Solid performance at a reasonable price. If you're new or only recently getting back into things, make sure you remember to add a cooling tower to this overclockable powerhouse.

CPU Cooler

Pretty quiet, not incredibly hard to install, and looks pretty cool.


Awesome, awesome, awesome motherboard. This was an area I dramatically increased my anticipated spend - as I got a Micro Center deal that knocked $30 off the price, so I decided to splurge on the motherboard. I'm not disappointed. The RGB lighting makes my build look amazing, and the exceptional quality, look, and upgradeability here are now a critical center of my build.


It's memory. It's 16GB of memory. I'm happy.


Didn't go all big-spender on storage. I expect this 480GB of SSD will do quite nicely, and I got a great sale price on it.

Video Card

Runs my primary games at 70fps (Overwatch), handles Civ6 and others like a boss as well. Obviously this is not 4k ultra-mode level gaming, but if you need a capable card and don't want your price to get inflated by the video board, this is awesome value. The overclocking features 'seem' handy (they even run from an Android/Apple app) - but they also scare me and there is not 'easy mode' performance boosting settings, so I've left that alone so far.


Looks great, is super small and compact, and the price is excellent. I couldn't believe all this stuff would not only fit in this case so well, display so nicely, have excellent cable management, and just look good sitting on display in the living room. Wow.

Power Supply

Has power to spare, runs pretty quite, cables look nice.

Operating System

I'm a believer in Pro for the encryption - you can save money by buying an OEM license second hand on ebay.


Just okay so far. Feels like a mechanical keyboard, but I haven't quite gotten fully comfortable on it yet. That may come in time, but right now it's middle of the pack - but at a value price.


Feels comfortable in my hand, although it could have a higher overall rise. I like the DPI switching, the RGB indicators for changes/situations, the extra couple buttons on the side are nice. This is an area I elected to save a few bucks until I get more serious.

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  • 35 months ago
  • 3 points

Nice Build! Don't worry about the capability of upgrading: most of the components of my pc are theoretically overkill (like my PSU) but i will never need to take a new one when i will upgrade, even not in 5 years.

Sorry, but i don't really like your case. Never thought about taking a relatively slim ATX-Towercase like the Sharkoon S-24?

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks - I agree on upgradeability. Yea, Sharkoon makes some nice looking cases. I probably could have geeked out, but I'm actually quite happy w/ the way this one turned out.

  • 35 months ago
  • 3 points

When someone is happy with his own build, then it means that everything is perfect :) !

  • 33 months ago
  • 2 points

Great build with a good choice of your parts

  • 28 months ago
  • 2 points

Any issues overclocking with an air cooler? I see everyone only using water coolers for overclocking. I plan on using a T4 Cooler Master to overclock my i5 7600k.

  • 27 months ago
  • 2 points

Overclocked it using the AiSuite settings and it's worked great / no issues at all.

  • 27 months ago
  • 1 point