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Oreo Milk Dip




Date Published

Jan. 17, 2017

Date Built

Jan. 10, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

4.6 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

22.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

40.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.632 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

22.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

36.0° C


EDIT Just overclocked my CPU. Stable 4.6GHz at 1.275V, sacrificed temps a bit now :(

I am a 15 year old animator, designer, gamer, and programmer. This pc was a blast to build. My dad and I built it together which was a really great feeling as we bonded more than before. While many of you will start hating and saying that I am a "spoiled squeaker who builds a expensive PC just to play minecraft at 300 FPS" I honestly do not care (I mean I do not do that :p) I feel really blessed and grateful for this PC, my family, and my parents. They had to work hard to make this possible while I was doing the same. I literally needed STRAIGHT As in school. Anyways, this is my first pc build ever as well as my first gaming PC ever. I started off playing Far Cry 3 at a resolution of 800x600 on the lowest settings with a ATI Radeon HD6450. Embarrassing and funny at the same time. Now I could play at 1080p with the highest settings. Some of you might start hating because of what I just said "1080p". I know this card can handle 1440p (maybe 4k) the purpose of this pc was not just gaming. I am also not a pro when it comes to photography, so bare with me if the picture quality does not suit your liking.

CPU: Yes I am aware of the new AMD and Intel processors that just came out! I saw benchmarks from bitwit. They did not show any noticeable difference in performance (that concerned me). Lol I am going to get quoted for this huh? Anyways, I wasn't looking for anything too crazy like X99 platforms. Just needed a good 4-core processor to get work done (by work I mean gaming, animating, and editing). It is not overclocked, once I get a bit more comfortable with this PC, I'll start tweaking the BIOS a bit. I feared getting a CLC but I overcame that fear, and now I fear breaking my CPU for being stupid :P The 6700k is (or was) also popular processor so why not?!

CPU Cooler: The H100i v2 matched my needs. During research done on building this PC, I was killing Tom's Hardware with topics about me basically whining and begging for feedback about struggling to risk the chance of a leak with water coolers. But I ended up getting a Corsair cooler because I looked up their HQ location, and I live 10 minutes away, so if it came down to a leak, shipping wouldn't be such a pain. I also didn't want an air cooler because almost all of them are ugly and not sexy like corsair coolers. I am using the ML120 fans on the radiator, they are super quiet!

Motherboard: When I first started researching, I planned to make a black and red pc. That didn't last long as I saw videos of white builds and they were pure eye candy unlike other colors. This was actually the only white motherboard at the shop close by. It also had all the features I needed as well as some extras which I plan to take advantage of. (M.2 slots, LED slots, etc..). Yes, I am aware of the capability of overclocking with a motherboard like this. Don't think I just bought it because it was "white". I do my research.

RAM: I didn't want anything crazy like TridentZ, Dominator Platinums. Just simple RAM that will do the job. The low profile design of these sticks are great! Really compliments the build in my opinion. I tried going with corsair as much as I can as they are a great company.

GPU: Originally the 1060 was my goal. But I wanted to get a card that would be able to push itself to the test with high resolution textures, Anti-Aliasing, etc.. in games and animations. The fans are really quiet! Even under load, you can't hear a thing!

Case: I promised myself to get a S340 elite, but I disobeyed myself because I saw this case at a store and it satisfied me way more than the S340 did. It was a really compact and sleek case. Really proud of it. "Would build in it again"

PSU: While Corsair did have its very own 750x, it was unavailable at the store and was actually cheaper. I haven't changed the prices to what we actually spent sorry :P It also came with all the cables and some goodies such as nice bags to put excess cables in.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Awesome cooler! Never hits over 45C under heavy loads!


Great looking motherboard! All the awesome features, organized BIOS.


Performs really well! highly recommend it!

Video Card

This card is a monster! Smashes any game on ultra settings! Almost inaudible under loads!


Best first timer case! Really clean and easy to build in! Flexible cable management as well as holes! Great ventilation.

Power Supply

Gets the job done no problem! Eco mode is a blast! It almost never has to spin its fan under loads!

Case Fan

Way too quiet! LEDs spread light all over your case! Don't waste money on strips!

Case Fan

Does it even breath? Really gets the ventilation job done! Brings in a lot of cool air, recommend it to behave as an intake fan!

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ImperiousBattlestar 3 points 26 months ago

Nice build, wouldn't expect a young one's build to be this good. May your FPS be high and temperatures low. +1. :)

VECT0R submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

Thanks, still trying to improve the cable management.

Hackatacka 1 point 25 months ago

I don't get it. Don't you want the fans to be quiet?

VECT0R submitter 1 Build 1 point 25 months ago

They are all pretty quiet. Even under load.

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VECT0R submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

Don't expose meh

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