This is a PC that has been in the works over the last 2/3 years and continues to be my main source for all things gaming, entertainment, editing.

There are a lot of other parts that have been omitted from the parts list (EG; Custom sleeved cables).

I finally got around to finding out how to post this as a BUILT PC and not a damn parts list. Thanks PCPP for taking out the option from way before.

Part Reviews


This processor has been running at a healthy 4.5GHz and has never faltered at anything thrown at it. When I bought it, I got it at a steal price of $400 from MicroCenter, making the purchase even sweeter at the time. Even in this day and age with all the new Ryzen and X299 stuff, the performance doesn't leave me wanting more just yet.


It's RAM. Not much should really be said about it but everyone knows Corsair Plat RAM has always been such a sexy part of any build. The LED in these have always been very light and don't illuminate well but with the LED kit, they shine amazing.

Video Card

When these cards first came out, I just had to get two. I've owned and still own a lot of the other Classified series of EVGA cards and have always proven their worth in their performance. Currently, they are still rocking everything that supports SLI and are able to drive my 3440x1440p monitor just fine. Their VRAM is starting to show their limitation but that is hit very rarely.


I have about 5 pairs of headphones/headsets in the home but these have been my daily driver for all things sound and even gaming. I have them paired up with a FiiO A3 USB AMP and that helps push their sound to a whole new level.


I was really skeptical about this monitor when I bought it. Prior to it, I had the system paired to the original Swift, the PG278Q, but the ultra-wide trend came and I wanted to be a part of it. Even though the brand is not well known and it's lacking a lot of the high end features of my Swift, everyone who has seen this in person, is amazed by the overall monitor. I got mine at a steal too ;) at about $350


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