This is my fist ever build, I do have allot of regrets. I will soon get a better case and a different cooler.

Part Reviews


A decent CPU, wish I waited longer for the R5-3600 though...

CPU Cooler

Nice looking cooler, although overpriced. You can get better for less.


A really good board, BIOS is amazing and features are great.


Really nice RAM. RGB is a plus. OCing it is a great experience.


A REALLY good SSD. I recommend this to everyone who is looking to get a little performance boost for their computer.


Almost SSD like speeds, games load extremely fast. Although, running them in RAID 0 makes the drives pretty loud. Doesn't affect their life though.

Video Card

An AMAZING card. This is by far the best RTX 2080 I have worked with. Cooling is amazing and the software is great. I highly recommend it.


This case, is really hard to build with. Cable management space is next to none and airflow wise, is pretty bad. I suggest going with the Cooler Master NR600 instead of this case.

Power Supply

Amazing PSU. Extremely solid. Hasn't let me down once. And the 10yr warranty is a plus.

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