This is my new NAS.

I omitted the data disks, because they were moved from my PC.

I'm planning on replacing the IronWolf 2TB drives as soon as SSDs get cheap enough to be able to justify it.


The case is OK for my purposes, but build quality really bad. E.g. missing dust filters, not enough places to secure cables without affecting the panels.


  • 1: Pretty crammed in there.
  • 2: SSD didn't fit at the back, wrong screws. Had to be "creative". Yes, it's ugly.
  • 3: After attaching the side panel (which would be the bottom panel in this picture as the case can be tilted) I moved some of the cabling out of the way. Not as bad as it looks here. The PSU cable makes me cringe, should have ordered the 90° connector version.
  • 4: The HDDs fit pretty OK, especially as there's no PSU to generate heat in the front.
  • 5: Tilted now. Actual position. Dust filters I had to fit, as Sharkoon decided not to add one to the back. thumbs up You can also see I removed the PSU cable and passed the 12V cabling through.
  • 6: All done.

Part Reviews


Fairly cheap and enough space to house an SSD and two HDDs.

Not particularly well built. The front grill is missing some paint (should be black). Some parts seem to be re-purposed from other cases (like the top "HDD mount" that looks like a fan grill).

Out of the box the thick front filter had to be arranged, because it was only partly installed. As the grill doesn't detach this was harder than it should have been.

The dust filters come off from time to time and are only attached by (as far as I can tell) double sided tapes. Also: Not enough dust filters, if you e.g. don't attach an SSD to the "rear mount" (which is in fact a fan mount).

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